Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You?

Eight years ago today, the unimaginable happened. The unexpected to the common American citizen occurred. The United States was attacked on US soil by terrorists. 

It put the country in a state of shock... almost an eerie silence, like the calm before a storm unfolded across the nation as the citizens of the United States watch the first of the two World Trade Towers burn, and then the second one was hit (caught on tape) while the world watched. 

The tragic event that would go down in the history books as 9/11 has forever impacted the United States. According to Wikapedia statistics, 3,017 people died in the events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 19 of those individuals were hijackers. In addition, more than 6,291 people were injured in the attacks and/or aftermath of the attacks. We will remember!

Where were you eight years ago? September 11, 2001.
What were you doing? Who were you with?
What do you remember about that day eight years ago? 

On that day, eight years ago, I was in my college freshman dorm room at Mississippi State University. My roommate, Ashley and I had just woken up and the radio clock began reporting the atrocity that had just occurred. We almost thought it was a prank, it couldn't be real, could it? We then signed onto our computers, we were quickly presented with the reality - this was really happening! Our high school friend, Jason was attending NYU at the time and had sent many of his friends a first hand report of what was happening in the city he now lived. The US was being attacked... the next hours that unfolded were something that will never leave my mind. Many emails traded, many TV reports watched, many newspaper articles read on the web... I have kept much of that in a binder. A piece of history, something I experienced first hand. I will remember.

Remember today and share your "where were you" experience on the comments section.

My hubby posted a status today on our Facebook that I believe is worthy of sharing: Today is the National Day of Service and Remembrance. Do something nice for someone today in remembrance of those that lost their lives on 9/11.


Elian said...

I had just turned on my office computer and heard the news. What I heard was that someone bombed the building. I had seen the aftermath of the bombing back in 1993 and didn't think much of this one since I knew what a small bombing like that looked like. I figured it to be no big deal.

Then one of the guys I worked with asked if I had heard about it. They were setting up a TV in the conference room to watch coverage. Needless to say, we didn't work much that day. I didn't get to start seeing the footage until both towers had collapsed. When I left work that day, I went to the store to get stuff to decorate my car with. Red, White, and Blue were all over my white Saturn.

I never had any interest in fighting for my country. On that day, I was ready to sign up.

steve said...

I was preparing my history lesson on Mesopotamia in Oviedo Florida at my kitchen table when my sister called me and said turn on your tv. I turned it on to see the 2nd plane hit the South Tower.

Shock, horror, and unbelief that something like this could happen in our country were some of the many emotions that I experienced.

Erin Marie said...

It was my first week of College at Gainesville State. I was walking in to the Student area when my friend ran up to me and said.. "We are going to WAR". He was one of those friends who lies, so i thought he was joking.. then He pointed to the TV and I watched the 2nd plane hit. I really didn't know what to think.

Becky said...

It was my first year teaching. I woke up just as report of the first plane were hitting the airwaves. I turned on the TV and watched as the second plane hit. I stayed at home as long as I could and then raced to work. We had all of the 5-8th graders together in the auditorium and we listened to the reports as they came in. The teachers would take turns going to the computer for additional information. We spent most of the morning discussing whether or not we should close school because we are close to SF (where one of the planes were headed).
PS- I am new to your blog. I linked you from a comment on Sarah Turner's, my sister-in-law, blog.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks everyone for the great "where were you" comments. I have really enjoyed them.

Thanks for stopping by Becky! Feel free to tag along as much as you like. So are you JT's sister? That family is too cute. Sarah and I went to the same high school, but became better friends at Christ Community Church where her and JT were members here in Memphis. Great family!

Becky said...

Yep- JT's my brother! Sarah and I went to FBC together in high school before they fell in love. :)
I have actually been to Christ Community several times (when I am home visiting the folks). We have attended with JT and Sarah. I have probably met you, and I just didn't realize it was you! I have several friends that attend there. It is such a small world!
I just started reading a couple of weeks ago and I haven't had a chance to hit the archives. I look forward to catching up!

Lisa Marie said...

I was in the middle of driving from Alaska to visit Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio. George (my ex) was being transferred from Ft. Wainwirght, AK (where we lived) to Ft.Drum, NY. On September 10th, we were somewhere in Canada and we had already been in the car for a few days. We had driven through the night the night before and I really wanted to stop for the night and get a hotel room. George kept saying, "Let's just make it through the border into Montana and we'll stop at the first hotel we come to." I think it was Montana. Well, that's what we did and I'm so grateful that he won that fight.

We woke up early the next morning to hit the road. We went downstairs for breakfast and the desk lady from the night before was still there. She asked, "Aren't you guys in the Army and on your way to New York?" We replied that we were and asked why. She simply pointed around the corner. We walked into the next room to see it filled with people staring at the big screen television in the corner. The first plane had just hit. As soon as we put together what happened, George coldly said, half under his breath, "Osama Bin Laden." It's chilling to think back to that moment. We stayed for about an hour after the second plane hit and then we knew that we had to hit the road.

The most amazing thing happened during the next couple of days that we spent in the car on the way to Memphis. As we drove south we literally saw the country turn red, white and blue. We saw one median on a street in South Dakota near the Gateway plant covered with mini American flags. We went through drive through windows where workers asked how we were and we could tell that they truly meant it. We saw people on overpasses waving American flags. We even saw a man riding in a red, white and blue covered wagon being pulled down the shoulder of the highway by a donkey wearing a straw hat (a personal favorite).

I’ve always said that I would write down my experiences from that trip. I’m sad to say that I never did. This is the first and very rough attempt at it, but it’s definitely put me in the mood to go into more detail at a later date.