Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Plethora of Dog Hair

Some dogs shed. My dogs, however, seem to drop off their entire coat about every 45 minutes or so. You think I'm joking...

Seriously... last summer, Dexter was just a few weeks old, so the understanding of his shedding capabilities was not known. This summer however, the shedding is full steam ahead and the tumbleweeds of dog hair produced by our mutt and the pup is unbelievable.

To combat the shedding of our husky (pup) and retriever/lab (mutt), we have increased the frequency of vacuuming and brushing to no avail. The hair is winning the war!

The fur babies better be glad that we love them unconditionally, otherwise they'd be in trouble in this matter. When the hubby or I take the time to vacuum (almost daily at present), we make our way completely through the house only to discover the hair has arrived again when we go back to the beginning to put the vacuum away.

The cartoon below doesn't even do it justice, but it tries...

Thank goodness for our Animal Vac and Furminator brush, without those, not only would the war be lost, so would each battle!


BMS said...

For real. The Dyson changed my life. We shaved Keiko this summer b/c I was at my wit's end.
I just could not take it anymore. And Kaia sheds A LOT too!
The Swiffer Sweeper is my new friend too. It actually does pick up dog hair.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Girl, if ANYONE understands what I'm talking about here, it is YOU and your man.

I'll keep the Swiffer Sweeper in mind, I might have to add that to my arsenal of material to help fight the battle. :)

Kelly said...

Reason # 2,064 I don't want pets :) Although, I must say, your house is never hairy whenever I visit :)

Lisa Marie said...

I've got the Dyson Animal a couple (or few - don't remember) years ago and it's been my savior as well. I know my dogs are small compared to yours...but dear Lord!!!
Not long ago I got a Roomba. I start it every morning before I get in the shower. It does a once over and returns to the dock around the time I leave for work. That thing is amazing! It goes under the couch and everything! I still bring out the Dyson and go attachment crazy on the blinds and surfaces when I need to. But I LOVE that Roomba!