Monday, August 17, 2009

August Birthdays Celebration

When my middle sis and I got married (me in March 07 and her in Sept 08), the addition of our husbands added a few things to our family. First, the boys added testosterone into the mix. My daddy had dealt with an estrogen full house (3 daughters + wife) for about twenty seven years, and has finally been able to "compete" a bit with us ladies. We still out number them, but it's only a matter of time (better be multiple, many years, actually) before the youngest sis marries a bo, and the teams are even.

Anyway, in addition to the testosterone boost the men folk brought into the family, they also added two more August birthdays. So we now have Robin and my hubby's birthday on August 25th and Brent's birthday August 30th. This weekend we took advantage of Robin and Brent being in town for a night and celebrated these birthdays early.

Below are the birthday folks with their perdy cards that Kelsey made for them. Brent missed the instructions on this one, or just plain ignored them, because he's the odd man out smiling.

PS. Isn't Kelsey spelled with an E after the S? (inside joke)

To celebrate, we started with some good eats at Benihana (the newly built Benihana since it had burned down at one point), and then made our way to Mom and Pop's to open presents and enjoy cake and yummy Baskin Robbins ice cream. We had homemade cake (white cake, chocolate icing, Mmm Mmm) and the choice of Pralines&Cream ice cream or Chocolate&PeanutButter. I definitely enduldge in the Chocolate&PeanutButter. Wow, just writing that makes me want some. Too bad we left it at Mom and Dad's.

Anyway, in my opinion the birthday folks racked up on some goodies, so I'm sure they were all pleased. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the evening. There are plenty goofy ones, but I actually am picking the "normal" ones as my favorites this go around.

Happy Early Birthday, Robin, Kelly, and Brent.

Mom asked for the above shot.
She wanted a shot of all the kids. It's amazing that we got a good shot of all five of us. I like it!

Above our the Wilson sisters. My sisters are hot!!!


Kelly said...

Cute pics - glad bday night was a success :)

Mr. McGoo said...

It's been renamed to "Christmas in the Summer"

Mrs. B said...

You all are hot! I want Robin's dress...bad. *Happy Birthday Guys*

BMS said...

Happy early birthday Kelly!
PS-Benihana and ChocPB ice cream! there is nothing better!!!

Mrs. McGoo said...

BMS - I must concur. It was all Mmm Mmmm Good!