Monday, August 31, 2009

Something New: Homemade Sugar Vanilla Icing

To celebrate my hubby's birthday last Tuesday, I offered to make him whatever cake he desired (figuring I'd go for something that come out of a box). However, my hubby stated that he would like to have chocolate cake with homemade sugar vanilla icing. So... this endeavor became my next "something new" project.

Thankfully the cake did come from a box (Devils Food by Pillsbury), but the icing was the tried and true recipe of our friend, Mrs. Reddin. The recipe is below:

1 Cup Sugar
3 large egg white
1/8 cream of tartar
pinch of salt
3 tblsp water
1 tblsp Karo syrup
1 tsp vanilla

Preparations: cook in a double boiler (except vanilla). beat in double boiler - on high. bottom of pan is touching the water - rolling boil. after 6 min see if stiff. if firm enough - add vanilla.

My first dunce responses after reading the above info/recipe were:
"You use Tartar Sauce to make an icing?! What?!"
"Double Boiler? What's that?"
To which both of these responses got many laughs.

And then I go to the grocery to pick up these items... that was interesting. I stood in the baking aisle for multiple minutes scanning the shelves thinking what could "Cream of Tartar" be? I couldn't shake an image from my head about the stuff. My image entailed something similar to marshmallow puff. But with haste, I continued to scan the baking aisle, hoping Cream of Tartar would catch my eye. I couldn't help but be a bit self conscious as I looked around. I was very aware of two folks in the aisle with me, both women and both with gray hair (which equated in my mind, "woman that know their baking goods"). I continued to have a conversation in my mind, "What the heck is Cream of Tartar?! And why can't I find it? Crap, that woman is looking me, I can't give her the satisfaction that I'm a moron in the kitchen. Only my husband and all the blog world is allowed to know that. (okay so that part I just added, but I was thinking everything before I mentioned my blog)." Needless to say I was too prideful to ask one of the ladies, and went about the rest of the store to pick up my other items on the grocery list. Once I picked those items up, I headed back to the baking goods aisle and called my LIFELINE: my mom. She was nice enough to inform me that cream of tartar is a spice. It was already in the spice section, (which was the baking aisle). As soon as Mom gave me the word, I saw it in an instant, Cream of Tartar, a lot of work finding something I'm only going to use 1/8 teaspoon.

So that entailed the prep work, and so began the actual baking... The devils food cake by Pillsbury was a breeze. Even I can handle that stuff with ease. Once the cake was out and cooled, I began my icing endeavor. I was nervous and a little unsure, but I did my best. Apparently I did not allow the icing to gain enough firmness along the way and instead of making homemade sugar vanilla icing, I made more of a homemade sugary glaze. Regardless, if I do say so myself, it was Mmm, Mmmm Good!

And more than just me and my hubby ate it too!


Kelly said...

I had the same dunce responses :) "Cream of Tartar? Like the sauce you dip fish in? Eww!"

Mrs. McGoo said...

oh, how I love you, my fellow Julie. ;)

BMS said...

Look at you Suzy Homemaker!
I bet it was goooood.
Sorry I missed you last night--had a baby to feed. I heard it was great!
Hope we can see you this weekend!

Mr. McGoo said...

Actually, Ryan said you've gone on record saying that you've done your time at Echles.

Laurie said...

FYI- you can clean your enamel pots and pans and stains on counter tops with Cream of Tartar by mixing a little water with it to make a paste. Just let it set for a few hours and wipe clean!