Monday, August 3, 2009

Bermuda Vacation: Part 3

Our Travel Companions Along the Way

Throughout our entire Bermuda adventure, we were blessed to have three travel companions along the way: our cousin, Courtney and his handsome boys, Nolan (11) and Colton (7). These guys helped entertain us throughout our entire adventure in Bermuda. We laughed together, and joked with them, road the bus together and traveled with them, snorkeled together and laid on the boat with them, ate together and ended up all around vacationing with them. It was a great adventure with our travel companions along the way.

We learned a few things about our companions while we spent about six full days in their company. Firstly, I quickly discovered the reason why my hubby and Courtney got along so well from the start... they are both boys trapped in a man's body. They don't forget how to have fun like a little boy and become entertained by things in that way. From jumping off the boat doing acrobatic acts into the water with the young boys to finding crabs in the sand and water of the Atlantic Ocean, these "boys" had just as much fun as the little ones. It cracked me up. Aunt Mary often referred to Courtney and his sons as the "three boys",... once my hubby arrived it became "four". Nevertheless, the hubby and I surely enjoyed Courtney's company during our travels. It was awesome to see a man be a great dad to his sons right in front of ours all week, and to see their love for their daddy shining through and through. Thanks for the good example, Courtney.

Nolan, the oldest of the two Channon boys was more than a joy to travel with. I consider this stud of an eleven year old, my new buddy. We had a blast together. Watch out, I hear he has not one, but TWO girlfriends waiting on him back in Calgary. Like my hubby and I, Nolan is the oldest child of the family and therefore struggles with the "mother hen" syndrome or as my hubby calls it for a male, the "father figure" syndrome. You know what I mean, the oldest falling into playing the parent role, rather than just the older sibling role. Nolan does this too, sometimes. But beyond that tendency, he's super responsible and a super good kid. He loved catching frogs & lizards during the trip, and was very good at it. In addition, Nolan was the resident photographer for my hubby and I. Whenever we wanted a photo beyond our own self portrait, Nolan was up for the challenge. In the same way, he worked hard to explain to my hubby how to use the Canadian term "aye". Lesson after lesson, Nolan instructed when the term was used correctly or not, but my hubby butchered it repetitively, giving Nolan a good laugh. During the trip, my hubby gave him the nickname Robert, although this is his middle name, my hubby said it with a french accent.

Colton, the ham of this bunch is a seven year old to recon with. Always marching to a beat of his own, Colton brought about a great bit of comic relief to our vacation. With his hilarious facial expressions to pose for the camera to his constant singing and dancing, my hubby and I cracked up on more than one occasion to Colton's performances. Uncle Geoffrey put it best one day, while we sat on the verdana watching Colton dance with some lights in the Bermuda night, "you're going to be a performer one day". No doubt. If the performer biz does not workout for Colton, he may always fall back on photographer. With a photographer gene in his body, Colton brings "taking pictures" to another level. If there was a flower and a weed, you'd get a picture of the flower, and then a separate one of the weed. He took pictures of EVERYTHING. We laughed with Courtney on more than one occasion that we're all thankful for digital photographer, otherwise they'd be in trouble. Among other things, I learned that Colton is highly interested in three basic things during the trip: Lizards/Frogs, Looney Tunes, and Titanic. We heard about all of these things on a REGULAR basis. Colton was fun.

The hubby and I are looking forward to visit this bunch again soon! Oh, and for show, here is a shot of Colton's dancing act.

The last of the series, Bermuda Vacation: Part 4 - Delayed Travels Home & Bermuda Cup Match coming soon...


Sally B said...

Glad you all enjoyed your Bermuda vacation. Sorry I was not there when you all came. Looks like I missed out on all the fun, although had lots of fun in Saskatoon with the family also.

Courtney Channon said...

Colton's dance video? LMAO

Thanks for the great comments, we too enjoyed our travels with you and are looking forward to your visit to the Rocky Mountains.

I can't believe you made it sound like I was just a big kid though. I am SO going to give you a noogie when I see you.