Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Watch but Not Do?

A question was posed to me a couple weeks ago, and it has gotten my mind spinning a bit and I'd imagine it could and would do the same for you.

First let set the stage a bit...

How many of us/you watch Extreme Home Makeover?
How many of us/you have seen it?
And how many of us/you do not watch it anymore because it's a complete tear jerker?

I'd imagine this is most of us... in one shape or another... we are so impacted by the great deed that this show does and all the hundreds of volunteers that work tirelessly for multiple days to bless a deserving family with a much needed home. It's "the greatest depiction of grace on TV", as Mr. McGoo has once put it. Doesn't it make you feel good watching it?

So here is the question that was posed to me...

Why are you/me/we not doing something tangible to serve others? 
Why do we watch things like Extreme Home Makeover on TV, gain a "good feeling" from it, and practically count that deed as our own, all while never leaving our couch? 
What am I... what are you... what are we doing for our neighbor?
How are we lending a helpful hand?

And if the answer is NOTHING... why not?
It challenged me.


Elian said...

This is part of the problem...

Most of these families were irresponsible in the first place and have carried that over into "post makeover" life. It's the whole give a man a fish scenario. As much as I want to help every person that asks for it, how can we when we know they will be unappreciative and squander it. It won't stop me from giving to them normally. I am a cheerful giver. But, I can't let them take advantage of my gift and not help themselves. For example, I would love to help someone with their gas bill but would like to pay MLGW directly. This way I'm not giving them a chance to squander it or a chance to take advantage of generosity.

As you can see, I'm troubled by this whole thing. People with big hearts are taken advantage of by those in need. But it is our responsibility to help those in need.

Mrs. McGoo said...

To "do" for others doesn't mean solely giving money or build them a house. Mow the lawn of the single mom living down the street, or the widow. Babysit for free for the struggling couple. Help some paint their rental house to complete the task before new renters are found, cook a meal, etc etc etc.

Sometimes are greatest donation is our time!

And ultimately, as long as we're following how the Holy Spirit leads, the use of our "doing" is not left to our hands. How often do we "plant seeds" and not see the growth. We're called to love our neighbor as our self and after that... let the HS work on them accordingly.

Elian said...

I was soley thinking monetarily in regard to the home makeover example. Just thought you were thinking of Ethiopia. I would give to them til I'm blue in the face (time or money). But it's those we know that will take advantage of us most (time and money). That's why there are books like Boundaries.

I'm not saying I'm right in any of this. Just presenting devil's advocate as to why people aren't giving like they could be. The easy answer though is down right lazyness.

Frank Bryant said...

I don't have time.

(I got that line from a Mr. Mcgoo blog)

Mrs. McGoo said...

E - I totally agree that God gave us brains and we must be smart in our giving too... in the sense of boundaries. There is def a need for laying boundaries especially for those that drain us and abuse the generous nature (time and money) of people.

We got into this convo in our SS class (connecting points), and many of the reasons we threw out as to why not were similar to things you mentioned: skepticism, ungratefulness, not wanting to get out of our comfort zones, being selfish, uncertainty of what to do, etc... We're hoping to start walking/working in the right direction by giving our TIME most importantly... and begin serving our fellow classmates... gaining practice with that and hopefully becoming more soft to the Spirits leading on strangers and those out of our comfort zone.

thx for sharing!!!