Friday, August 20, 2010

HELP RAISE $4800 in 48 HOURS!

Dear friends of ours (The Dunlap's) are just a couple of weeks away from bringing on their little boy from Ethiopia! Their journey has been amazing to follow and a pure testimony to God's provision and faithfulness!

This weekend, I invite you to be a part of bringing their 3.5 year old son home! Check out how YOU can make a big difference without giving up much along the way... however, if you feel led to give sacrificially - I know God is surely glorified within that too!

$4800 in 48 HOURS:
Help bring a little boy in Ethiopia home to his forever family for only $10!  Visit to donate online!

It's a  FACEBOOK/TWITTER/BLOG-A-THON to raise the money needed to purchase the family's airline tickets to bring their child home, and they could use YOUR help!

Here are the details:
    The goal is $4800 in 48 HOURS!
    Begins TONIGHT at 11:59 and ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday.
    If 480 people each contribute $10 . . . the goal will be met!
    Donations will be run through the Paypal “Donate” button on their blog (top, left-hand side).

    ***Please consider donating $10 or more & help us spread the word exponentially using Facebook, Twitter, blog posts & any other forms of social media you use!  It’s easy – just copy and paste this information:***

And check out their blog:

Friday 8/20 @ 9 PM: $800!!!
Friday 8/20 @ 11PM: $1045!!!
Saturday 8/21 @ 8 AM: $1,220!!!
Saturday 8/21 @ 2 PM: $1,510!!! 
Saturday 8/21 @ 8 PM: $1,720 !!!
Sunday, 8/22 @ 1 PM: $2,535!!!
Sunday, 8/22 @ 9pm: $3,030!!! 

Thanks to everyone that participated! The Dunlap's raised over $3500 in their 48 hr blog/twitter/Facebook-a-thon! Praise God for His provision!!! 

We love you Brad & Katie!!!

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Christina said...

Thank you for the email discussion we have been engaging in this morning. I appreciate your willingness to talk about hard things.

My point that I was trying to make earlier was that rather than jumping to adoption to help out children overseas, why not use that this case $ help the families stay together?