Thursday, September 2, 2010

Balance Beam

Mr. McGoo and I are in an amazing Connecting Point class (think Sunday School) at our church. The class includes a group of wonderful people, and although we have grown in numbers in a big way lately, we are still continuing to be authentic and real with one another. It's such a blessing!

One of the things our class has done to help us go deeper in our walks with God, as well as deeper with one another is to have a bi-monthly Bible Study - just girls and just guys. It has been a sweet time, but unfortunately now that I have school every Wed night until December 8th - - - I'm missing out this fall.

The girls are doing the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
I read the book this summer and posted some things about it on this blog, here and here.

The book has become a best seller... but my prayer is this... my prayer is that folks do not read this book and say, "aww... good point. Yeah! God is good. Wow, I should do more" and then be the same that they were yesterday! My prayer is that what Chan brings to light draws each and every one of us that read the book into a closer relationship with THE MIGHTY GOD! And with that, we are forever changed.

One of my classmates posted this video last night after the girls met for the first time about Crazy Love. I so wish I was there... but am thankful for what God will do during that time for the others!

Check this video out - wow, puts things in perspective for me.


Lloyd Wilson said...

That's really a great presentation to contrast safe christian "routine" versus what God wants. Of course, folks need the full understanding of works in response to grace given, not to earn grace, which I'm sure he covers elsewhere. Very well delivered.

Rachael said...

Yes, this is awesome. Definitely challenged me. We miss you being there!