Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday, Mr. McGoo & Robin!

Yup, today marks the 35th birthday of my VERY handsome husband and the 24th birthday of my good looking middle sister. I couldn't wish them both a bigger Happy Happy Birthday, but considering the day is falling on a Wednesday, I'm not sure how much celebrating will go on! Love you both more than you probably know!!!

Mr. McGoo's 31st Birthday celebration thrown by me
2 of the 3 Wilson Girls! Happy Birthday Robin!

I'm so proud of these two... it has been awesome to see how over the years, God has continued to grow them and mold them into even more amazing people along the way! I'm so thankful for both of them!

Happy Happy Birthday, you two! LOVE YOU!

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Frank Bryant said...

Wednesday shouldn't be a problem since he believes in birthday weeks.