Monday, August 16, 2010

a Break but NO Slowing Down

Whoo hoo! Summer Trimester is complete- the grades are posted and I walked away with an A in Human Growth & Development and a B in Pathophysiology. I'll take it. Patho wasn't easy and with everything else asking for my attention throughout the summer & missing class twice while being in Ethiopia this past June, this nerd is proud of her B. Now I have a two and a half week break, which started as soon as my final ended at 730pm Thursday, August 12th... I am "free" from school until Wednesday, September 1st.

But the McGoo reality is that although I'm on break, there is NO slowing down! Some great stuff is around the corner for the McGoo's, as well as some typical beginning of Fall craziness.

Firstly, Mr. McGoo began PRESEASON today. I capitalize, bold, and increase the font of preseason because it is that big of a deal in our world. I will likely see Mr. McGoo very little over the next couple of weeks as he takes care of all the food and equipment for the University of Memphis Men's Soccer team during their 3-a-day practice routine that gears them up for a new season. You heard that right - 3 practices a day! Mr. McGoo will hit the ground running early and will be home later than 9pm most nights. So right when I have a moment of clarity to breath away from school - my hubby is gone. Funny how it works out that way!

Secondly, I am currently helping to plan, schedule, run, promote, gain rsvp's, advertise - whatever action word you want to choose - The University of Memphis Lady Tigers Soccer 2010 Alumni Weekend. Below is one of the flyers I made for the event. I'm pumped! With the help and direction of Alumni Guru who also happens to be one of my besties (we've known each other since we were 5 yrs old), we are working hard to get the momentum moving on our alumni group. This year it looks like we will have at least 23 ladies attending the weekend festivities, which is SOOO EXCITING. I look forward to share about the weekend once it's complete - but for now I'm helping to plan, organize, prepare, and hoping for success along the way!
And much much more to share at a later time (for a preview on one piece, check our Mr. McGoo's post), but for now, these two items are most pressing on the McGugan To Do List. There is some possible chatter with my mom about doing some sanding, priming, and trim painting in our living room - since we started that project AGES ago, it is definitely time to get the ball rolling again - before I get back to school... but only time will tell if we get to it! For now, we'll focus a bit on our Tiger Blue and see what the next few weeks produce.


Rachael said...

flyer looks great! i love doing stuff like that. have fun on your break!

Larry McGugan said...

Congrats on your grades.