Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol Weekly Results: Top 6 to 5

Well, my predicted American Idol in the AI Elimination 2010 Bracket Challenge is gone... America didn't vote enough for her (neither did I because I don't vote), so we said goodbye to Siobhan Magnus last night.

Ironically this was the same lady that "Vote for the Worst" just decided to support when Tim Urban finally parted with the stage and a week later - tata Magnus. Interestingly enough, (probably very interesting to some folks in this competition that have him winning), they have chosen MICHAEL to be their go to guy next week... will "Vote for the Worst" be his curse also? Only time will tell.

I really believe Siobhan had the pipes - that girl could sing. She came into the competition seemingly knowing who she was and being true to her oddness - it worked at first, but she might have peaked too quickly in the competition. I would also have to say the song choices for her in the latter part of the competition were not always great choices and caused some trouble. Additionally, I will agree with Mr. McGoo on this one, he predicted over the last several weeks that the "weird factor" was going to be Siobhan's downfall. I would guess that the majority of AI watchers are going to be more straight laced than the quirkiness Siobhan had to offer. When you walk out in butterfly decor and military boots, you better hit every note, every time to not get a strange look and turn people away.... that didn't happen the last few weeks.

Also, I will quote Riser on this one:
"When your dad says you're peculiar you must be a pretty odd person....We'll miss the high notes Siobhan!!!!!!"

Good luck Siobhan!

Here are your weekly AI Elimination Bracket Results:

1st: Allison - 96 pts - Lee is her AI pick - she picked this week's decision correctly
  • Josh - 95 pts - Crystal is his AI pick
  • Mrs. McGoo - 95 pts - had Siobhan as her AI. Uh oh!
3rd: Kelly - 94 pts - had Siobhan as her AI. Uh oh!
4th: Mr. McGoo - 91 pts - Lee is Mr. McGoo's AI pick
  • Alan - 90 pts - Michael is his AI pick
  • Candace - 90 pts - had Katie as her AI. uh oh!
6th: UFrank - 87 pts - Crystal is UFrank's AI pick
7th: Leon - 86 pts - had Siobhan as his AI. Uh oh!
8th: Cindy - 84 pts - Michael is her AI pick
9th: Riser - 82 pts - Michael is his AI pick
10th: James - 77 pts - had Katie as his AI. uh oh!
11th: Julian - 69 pts - had Didi as his AI. Uh oh!

Highest possible points (perfect brackets) = 114 points

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