Monday, April 12, 2010

Final Exam

1 final exam down, 1 final exam to go.

Yup, this weekend I tackled the ever scary A&P2 lab practical exam. It was difficult for sure, but thankfully I was not totally lost throughout the majority of the exam. I'm certain I did not do grand, but I'm confident that I at least knew 50% of the material tested, which is a good thing in such a final. Last exam like this, our lab midterm, we only had one A- a 91%, two B's, I think five C's and the rest were under 70% - - - so you can imagine how tough these exams are.

Oddly enough, as I walked out of the lab Saturday once both parts of my exam were completed, I noticed another classmate was drawing a diagram. "Hmmm... that's interesting," I thought. So when I made it outside and another classmate asked me how I thought I did, I couldn't help but inquire, "Were we supposed to draw something on the test?" What I found out through this conversation is that I in fact totally skipped the second part of one of the questions on the exam. Apparently after filling out the process of air flow in the body, I did not go back and read the LARGE paragraph of instructions above the air flow inquiry. According to the students that remembered their 1st grade lesson of reading ALL directions, we were asked in the second half of the question to draw a diagram of something -- - OOPS! I'm making myself feel better about that boneheaded move by saying, "nah, I wouldn't have known the diagram anyway, so I just saved myself some frustration." ha. Bonehead move. Seriously.

This Saturday marks my lecture final exam for A&P2. I'm expecting greater things on my performance on this exam to come. Study time begins tonight...

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Kels said...

Good luck! :)