Monday, April 19, 2010

A Sigh and A Cheer

Saturday marked the completion of my Anatomy & Physiology 2 class, complete with a final exam. I woke up, prepped for the day, took my exam, and then jumped into the car to make our way to Charlotte, TN - about an hour outside of Nashville.

The midpoint to the weekend (mid-day Saturday) was marked with a SIGH and a CHEER. The sigh was for my completed course, "ahhhhh, I get two weeks break until my next trimester begins". The cheer was for the introduction of Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Adelman! We so enjoyed celebrating Johnny & Erin Marie's union as husband and wife this weekend. What a beautiful day, ceremony, and full event.

I have tons of pictures from the weekend that I'll probably post on a picture only blog post later, but for now... Mr. McGoo and I are enjoying our couple nights at home before we depart again to make our way to Lexington, KY. Wednesday evening or Thursday morning we will travel that same I40 stretch that we've seen now two weekends in a row.

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