Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Idol Weekly Results: 10 to 9

Well, American Idol sent home a possible goodie, while allowing a "can't really sing, but I'm cute to the teeny-boppers" to stay. But hey, that's the story of American Idol and what seriously makes the Bracket Elimination Challenge just that - CHALLENGING. Only two folks out of the 13 participating in the American Idol Bracket Elimination Challenge chose correctly with America last night... goodbye Didi.

I knew the judges were not going to use the save on Didi... she's been too inconsistent and they really believe she had "lost her way". She had the look, but couldn't seem to put the rest of it all together. Best of luck Didi.

Here are your weekly AI Elimination Bracket Results, as well as the number of additional weeks the contestant will be plagued by America's decision last night:

1st: Allison - 36 pts - 5 weeks
For those that are interested, Allison's A-Idol choice is Lee.

2nd: Candace: 35 pts - Picked this week correctly!
3rd: Josh: 35 pts - Picked this week correctly!
4th: Mrs. McGoo: 35 pts - 3 weeks

5th: James: 34 pts - 5 weeks

6th: Mr. McGoo - 33 pts - 3 weeks
7th: Kelly: 33 pts - 3 weeks
8th: UFrank: 33 pts - 4 weeks
9th: Cindy: 33 pts - 6 weeks (never saw the show before she filled out the bracket)

10th: Leon: 32 pts - 1 week
11th: Alan: 32 pts - 3 weeks

12th: Riser: 30 pts - 2 weeks
13th: Julian: 30 pts - 8 weeks and he just lost his A-Idol (never saw the show before he filled out the bracket)

Highest possible points (perfect brackets) = 39 points.


Candace said...

Whoo hoo! Movin on up!

Frank Bryant said...

As much as it hurt my bracket, Didi needed to go. She did so little with so much.

Mr. McGoo said...

Good to see Riser keeping Julian warm at night.

Allison has Lee? Dangit. I better make up ground soon...Lee is my winner as well