Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Idol Weekly Results: 2nd Chances

When I heard about last night's results ---- American "choosing" to send home Big Mike over Tim Urban, I about fell out of my chair. Seriously?! How is this kid still in the game?! Although he's a cute kid, always smiles, seems relatively like a very nice guy, and had a great response to Kara's criticism about his constant smiling (could learn something from him there), in relation to the singing competition -HE'S HORRIBLE... he's the farthest from the "next American Idol"!

And then I remembered... there are folks out there who desire to sabotage the good singers and push along the ones that are lacking. Meet "Vote for the Worst" - as I went to their site today to make sure my suspicions were correct, I saw what I guessed...

So ladies and gents - THAT IS WHY TIM URBAN is still around and other folks are long gone. They're getting folks to vote - meaning if you want him gone and someone else to stay, we've gotta start calling too. I admit I've yet to vote, and probably won't considering I watch American Idol on the DVR regularly, so I shouldn't REALLY have a right to complain. But still... come on!

Two folks go home next week, so everyone better bring their A- Game. Mr. McGoo thought he was tasting steak last night, but the AI judges saved Big Mike. So with that being said...

Here are your weekly AI Elimination Bracket Results, folks that have Michael still in the game get the points for him this week because of the SAVE, folks that had Michael out this week get 3 points because they had American's vote correct:

1st: Candace: 51 pts
For those that are interested, Candace's A-Idol choice is Katie.

2nd: Allison - 50 pts
  • Josh: 49 pts
  • Mrs. McGoo: 49 pts

4th: James: 48 pts

  • Mr. McGoo - 45 pts
  • Kelly: 45 pts
  • UFrank: 45 pts
  • Cindy: 45 pts

  • Leon: 44 pts
  • Alan: 44 pts

7th: Julian: 43 pts (Had Michael out this week so got an extra point)
8th: Riser: 40 pts

Highest possible points (perfect brackets) = 55 points

1 comment:

Mr. McGoo said...

Guess Riser should have copied his list again this year. He is stinking it up. McNulty isn't too good either. He should be glad I let him out of his fake bet.

Candace and James are just getting by on dumb luck...Kate is going out sooner rather than later.