Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So we're home... resting a bit at the house, ignoring the house work that definitely needs to be done, and instead are catching up on "all things computer". I'm thinking maybe I'll get to the house post dinner or will just crank through it tomorrow after work - we'll see how I feel in the next few hours.

We had a great trip to Lexington, Kentucky. We visited Mr. McGoo's family there and were spoiled with their time, attention, and deliciously provided grub. We probably both gained weight during our three days/four night stay... but I'll say it's worth it. We'll begin tackling that problem in the morning. Mr. McGoo's mom sent us home with Derby Pie and enough cookies to feed a small village - we're not complaining, PROMISE! Mmm, Mmmmm... I think I'll grab a cookie now.....

Okay, now that I've brushed the crumbs off my shirt, I'm ready to continue - couldn't help it - she makes the type of chocolate chip cookies I only dream of making. They are big and chocolate chip covered, and still soft somehow. I meant to ask her this time "HOW DO YOU DO IT?!", but forgot to until we were far on our way home. I think I'll have to watch her do it one day to catch the "trick" - because I'm sure she uses the same type recipe as me, but she has the special touch... maybe I'm doomed to never create such deliciousness, because she has that "mom" automatic, done it a million times, full of love thing that creates something special.

Anyway - the yumminess distracted me, I'll get back to business- we enjoyed our time in Lexington. We wanted to take advantage of my two week break in between Spring trimester and summer trimester beginning next week. We also wanted to visit with Mr. McGoo's family, but especially his mom. Anyone that knows someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis knows that this disease is a life-long battle. It can flare up excruciatingly or it can be in control and almost in a "remission" like state. Unfortunately over the past six months or more, Mr. McGoo's mom has been experiencing some of the most painful and difficult rheumatoid arthritis flare ups... to the point of being immobilized due to agonizing pain and joint inflammation all over. Mr. McGoo and I, and many friends and family have been praying for my mother in law - asking that the pain would subside and daily life could go back to normal. We PRAISE GOD that this past week due to answered prayers as well as a change in medication and undergoing a new procedure, Mr. McGoo's mom had a fantastic few days while we visited with her. It was great to see her up and about, and enjoying the friends and family around us throughout the weekend. We pray this trend continues as the medications continue to be tweaked. (Pray for Mr. McGoo's mom - her rheumatoid arthritis, her doctors, her husband that cares for her so well, and for the discernment as to when it's time to rest and recoup for another day instead of pushing it and possibly doing too much!)

During our time with Mr. McGoo's family, we not only ate like kings and visited the family, but we also took a day for ourselves to see a few new sites on Friday. Partially out of a need to fulfill a requirement for Mr. McGoo's tourism course this semester, but mostly just because we were interested, Mr. McGoo and I visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Although I am not a bourbon drinker, I will attest that this was a cool experience. I very much enjoyed the tour, as did my husband, and I definitely now have an appreciation for bourbon.

In addition to visiting the Woodford Reserve Distillery, Mr. McGoo and I went to Keeneland. For those of you who are not aware (like me, until I married a Kentucky boy) - Keeneland is a huge horse farm in Lexington, KY. According to its website, "Keeneland is unique in that we are both a Thoroughbred racetrack and an auction company." While we were in Lexington, Keeneland was in full bloom - folks were coming from everywhere to watch the horse races happening there daily. For $5 each, Mr. McGoo and I got into the park and I was able to experience what horse racing looks like. We were able to get close to the horses before they raced, seeing the massive nature of them, as well as getting a better appreciation for how beautiful those animals are. Ps. Keeneland is the place they shot Seabiscuit and it is not only huge, but also gorgeous.

While there we watched three races happen, one while eating inside, and two while sitting in the stands and getting a feel for the environment. It was awesome. I don't have a clue as to how people bet on things like that, seemed to complicated on me, but I enjoyed just telling Mr. McGoo before the race started what horse I would root for. I chose a horse the first race (while we sat outside in the stands) due to its beautiful coat. It was a very light brown, more dainty seeming than the rest - yeah she came in almost last. So the second race, I told Mr. McGoo I'd root for the horse that was acting a fool before they got the horses in the posts... she was ready to go - and boy was she - she won! Check out this action shot I caught!

And last but not least, the remaining full day of our Lexington visit (Saturday), Mr. McGoo and I helped tackle his mom's garage. After enjoying waffles from Grams & Grandaddy's house, we brought Grandaddy home with us to begin a Clean Sweap! You see... the Lichaa garage had turned into a catch all for all the kids stuff they didn't want to take but didn't want to throw away. With five children, this process turned into "project take over the garage". Therefore, to help lighten the load for Mr. McGoo's mom, we tackled the garage and left it spacious and clutter free! Check out the before and after!

So all in all, the KY visit was a success and worth every second we were there. We got some great quality time with family there, as well as were able to show love through some acts of service. We were spoiled with delicious eats and love, and we look forward to the next visit!

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Fun trip! I love sight-seeing and what I call "cultural activities!"