Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ultimate Fighter - Season 10

Tonight started the new season of the reality TV show: The Ultimate Fighter (Season 1o). The past seasons of this show are partly responsible for my current affection for the UFC. It's a show in which I not only get the luxury of getting to know up and coming fighters in the industry, but also learn better the personalities and stories of current UFC fighters who are the "coaches" of the rookies. 

This season, the focus is the HEAVYWEIGHT division. At first glance, I'm a bit apprehensive about the entire heavyweight division. I tend to believe their fights are slower and more boring. The fighters tend to look like they tire out quicker than some of the other weight divisions, and overall the fights are not that exciting until someone gets knocked out. Think underwater fighting - that slow sometimes. Therefore, it would make sense that I've been a bit unsure about the brand new Ultimate Fighter season involving heavyweights. However, these apprehensions have been put to the side tonight... for one reason, and for one reason only at present... RAMPAGE. 

I love this guy... he cracks me up! The facial expressions, the wise cracks, the sense of humor, he's hilarious. I look forward to hopefully being proved wrong regarding the heavyweight division, but in the meantime, at least I know I'll continue to want to see this season because our Memphis own, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a part of the festivities. Let the games begin.


Mr. McGoo said...

My list I made when I was a kid.

1. Hot - Check
2. Funny - Check
3. Athletic - Check
4. Loves Sports - Check
5. Sarcastic - Check
6. Loves Animals - Check
7. Smart - Check
8. Sugar Momma - Check :)
9. Loves the Lord - Check
10. (Removed by husband for public purposes) - Check
Bonus. Loves blood and fighting - CHECK

Ahhhh the perfect girl

Sharaze said...

lol...this post cracked me up. UFC is one of those things I ought to watch but just don't. I keep meaning to because my Filipino martial arts classes are somewhat mma-style (but "cheating" is allowed since we aren't training for the ring). Meh. Eventually I'll go to one of the local events, probably.

Anyway, I'm always impressed by how agile heavyweight fighters can be, and not just MMA. There's a guy training for sumo at the dojo and he's crazy to watch...I've never been interested in sumo but he's just impressive looking.

Frank Bryant said...

10. Mattress Dancing?

Mr. McGoo said...

10. UK fan. :)

Edie Cockrum said...

Super bummed the Rampage fight is off for the UFC here in memphis! Boooo

Lisa Marie said...

We tried to watch this last night but Kevin's DVR messed it up. I'm sure it will air again and he'll get it recorded...

Mr. McGoo said...

They usually re-air on Saturday