Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Weekend in Pictures

I'm taking a cue from The Turner Tattler and doing a weekend review via pictures rather than using an abundant amount of words. This weekend we celebrated the union of Mr. and Mrs. James Joseph (September 12, 2009). And what a beautiful celebration it was... with the rehearsal dinner Friday night and wedding Saturday night, we enjoyed the time spent with James and Candace and the opportunity it gave us to have some fun with friends!

Being the dork that I am, I made a point to grab the camera even before we stepped out the door Firday night. Here is a shot of me and my hottie hubby before we headed to the Rehearsal Dinner Friday Night.
These three YoYo's were at the rehearsal dinner. Per my request they are showing their name tags, but in typical fashion with these three none of them are holding up the correct name. (Steve, My Man, and Jeff)

Getting a photo with two of the bachelors of the night. Ladies, both of these are a catch... send me a shout out if you're looking for a way to rendezvous with them. I'll figure something out. he he.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - love these two!
They are the proud parents of baby Hayes, born June 28, 2009.

Kel and Super T. My man looks surprised at something, or up to no good. Knowing him the way that I do, I'd guess the latter.

I love me some Tina! Tina and Me at the rehearsal dinner. I was looking forward to meeting her man for the first time Saturday night.

Getting a gorgeous shot with the Bride To Be. She was glowing already!

James (the Groom) and Alan at the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Reception for James and Candace. Getting a self portrait with Erin Marie.

I laughed after this photo and told Johnny it was "the epitome of their relationship: Johnny being observant and involved, while Erin Marie is texting on the phone" ha ha!

LOVE THE PHOTOBOOTH! James and Candace had a photobooth at the reception, complete with props to wear and a photographer catching the shots. Brilliant! What a blast. I love this one of me and the hubby!!!

Photobooth continued: Jeff. His sign says enough.

Photobooth: Bachelor 1, 2, and 3.

Photobooth: Erin Marie and Johnny. Hilarious!
Yay! I got to meet the man that keeps putting that beautiful smile on Tina's face. Hi Kevin.

James (Groom) tore the keyboard up during part of the reception! It was great! He knew he was wearing the keys out, can't you tell by the smirk on his face!

And then Candace (Bride) jumped in on the mic, awesome to hear her beautiful voice while her HUBBY played the keys behind her! Very cool, especially knowing these two and their awesome musical talent and love for all things music.

I was so excited to get a photo one on one with the beautiful bride!

Congrats James & Candace!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. James Joseph!!


BMS said...

Love the photo booth pic! Love that background wallpaper!

Mom said...

Cute. Cracked up when I saw the Will work for a date and the 3 singles.

Erin Marie said...

These were great shots!!! You're awesome!

Candace said...

These are AWESOME! Thanks so much for doing this Heather! We love you guys and are so happy you could be at BOTH occasions to celebrate :)