Monday, September 7, 2009

Something New: Pork Roast AND Cuban Sandwiches

For the Yopp Cuban Themed Couples Baby Shower a weekend or two ago, I ventured out of my comfort zone once again and tried something edible and new for the party. 

I was in charge of the Cuban Sandwiches. Not only had I never attempted to put together such sandwiches, I also had never once cooked one of the necessary ingredients within them.

The recipe for the cuban sandwiches is as follows: 

Ingredients - 
thin slices of ham
thin slices roast pork hot or cold (I use hot, slow roasted pork)
thin slices of Swiss cheese
slices of pickles (dill)
mustard (yellow) 
Cuban bread hard crust (or French bread) 

Directions -

You should be using fresh, crusty Cuban bread, but you can always use a 12" loaf of French bread cut in half.  Slice the bread open face so that both halves are still barely connected and spread mustard on both halves.  Add the ham, and then the roasted pork.  Add your Swiss cheese and then a few pickle slices. Put the halves back together and place the completed sandwiches in the oven on broil. Let the cheese melt and the bread heat up a bit. Enjoy!

The most dramatic part of the cuban sandwiches for me was the necessary "roast pork" ingredient. Uh hello? I had no clue on this one! To help me figure out how to make it, I asked a coworker or two and then went the handy dandy "google it" route and talked to my hubby... with information from all of the necessary sources I settled on the following pork roast recipe (and it worked).

1 pork roast
cover it with brown sugar, rubbing it into the meat
1 crock pot (slow cooker)

Set the meat covered in brown sugar into the crock pot, set the timer for 8 hours on low, and voila! Meat came straight of the bone! Tender and delicious!!!

The sandwiches were yummy and were another success! Yay!


Frank Bryant said...

Now that sounds wonderful. Maybe I can get you to cook for me next time we gather?

Frank Bryant said...

Three days and no blog. Is everything okay?