Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cha Cha Chia

Wow.... just when I think I've seen all the bone-headed items in the world that people actually spend advertising dollars on and infiltrate my television shows about, or worse my MOVIES these days... I hear about this!

May I introduce the NEW Cha Cha Chia.... Chia Obama! WHAT?!

My first response was: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

What was yours?
Are you running to your neighborhood CVS or Walgreen's to pick one up?

By the way, I google'd to see if there were any other US Presidents that have had the luxury of being "chia'd", but I could not find one. Not Bush. Not Clinton. Not even Ab Lincoln. Obama is the first and only Chia President currently available.


Frank Bryant said...

My first thought was this must be a Saturday Night Live commercial. It would be funny if they added a male dog raising it's leg in the video.

BMS said...

Seriously? That HAS to be a joke right? How blatantly racist for the first black president to grow a Fro!

Mrs. McGoo said...


Yes ma'm. I'm assuming it is TRUE. Two reasons... one I've seen it written about in newspapers... and two I heard about it originally from KLove. They are not the gossip type of radio station when they give news items.