Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Happy

So this afternoon, I'm on the phone with a customer facing my computer (looking for the information they are inquiring about), when all of a sudden, a vase of beautiful gerber daisies lands on my desk to my immediate left. A huge smile automatically crosses my face, thinking, "could it be? did my hubby send these?". When I turn around, I see my hottie of a hubby standing behind my chair, smirking!

Not only did I get a vase of my most favorite flowers ever (same flowers we had in our wedding over two years ago)... I also get a visit from my man!!! What a day!!! No special occasion, no holiday, no apology needed, just BECAUSE. The best reason to ever get flowers, ever!

The smile that was already huge, becomes GIGANTIC and I cannot wait to get off the phone with my customer to say thank you and grab a big squeeze from my man.

PERFECT SURPRISE, simply perfect.

Take a look at how gorgeous they are:

Thank you honey! I needed that. Wow! A perfect way to start a three day weekend.


Kelly said...

Yay for thoughtful husbands :)

Frank Petersen said...

aww kellyy...good man.....wait, how come we never get flowers ;)

Mr. McGoo said...

Heather doesn't get Nike gear either