Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Woman with My Nose Stuck in a Book

My weekend bounced between being "old woman" like and having "my nose stuck in a book". That's the life I currently lead. Although Mr. McGoo still has a wife in her twenties for another year, the energetic until the wee hours, stay up late woman he dated no longer exists.

Friday night I had to fore go the Southwind High School football game with Mr. McGoo. Instead, I sent him on his own to cheer for our buddy, James and enjoy another night with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes crew of Central Church. I stayed behind at the house and worked on school preparations for Saturday. I took the opportunity to get a photo of my ever entertaining Friday Night event, studying the Clinical Nursing Skills I would practice on Saturday - injections: intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular. Once I completed the read through of those skills (my nose stuck in a book), I ate some mac'n'cheese for dinner and headed to bed by 930pm (hence the old woman like comment).

Saturday I woke early and was out the door by 715am for class. In addition to the injection skills we would learn and practice that day, we were going to be checked off on our Sterile Urinary Cather skill. This was our very first official check-off of "Basic Skills" and the anticipation of what was to come had everyone anxious. Thankfully I completed the procedure in a satisfactory manner (not breaking sterile technique throughout) and was able to breath a sigh of relief. My entire study group - five of us total - were able to smile and say "we did it" following the lab and classroom hours of the day. It was a good feeling. I almost took a photo of me in my awesome required white scrubs to celebrate my victory, but I decided I didn't want that on the web for all to see.

I arrived home around 2:45pm, getting out of class 45 minutes earlier than normal to find (as expected, I knew they were coming) Mr. McGoo with a few buddies enjoying college football. Mr. McGoo had chili in the crock pot and the cool breeze of the Memphis October day was blowing through the house. What a perfect treat on an afternoon post full day of school. I cleaned up and took my seat in the living room. For the next five hours I enjoyed football with my hubby and friends. I was pampered by Mr. McGoo - allowing me to sit and rest while he provided and served me beverages, chips and dip, chili, and dessert. Yup, he is a keeper!!!

By 8pm (uh, oh, the old lady thing again), I could not keep my eyes open longer than a few minutes at a time, so I excused myself from the guys and made my way to the bedroom. There I curled up for an episode of Criminal Minds before falling into my full night's slumber around 9pm. I'm happy to say I got 10 hours of rest Saturday night - something that has not happened lately! It was perfect.

Sunday, Mr. McGoo and I went to church, enjoyed a lunch date with friends, and made our way home. We filled the afternoon and evening with quality time on the couch watching football and completing school assignments (nose stuck in a book). It was leisurely and a perfect afternoon together, as far as afternoons full of school work can be - Mr. McGoo catered to me while I completed school stuff and worked to get ahead of the game in order to have a less stressful week ahead.

So this "old lady" was well taken care of this weekend. I'm well rested and ready to tackle another week of work, school, and everything in between. Thankful for the time with Mr. McGoo and the opportunity to get some much needed rest this weekend!

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Rachael said...

from one "old lady" to another: early bedtimes are the bomb. :)