Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Have a Winner!

And the winner is... ALLISON!!!!

Oh, and yeah, and the NEW AMERICAN IDOL is LEE DEWYZE!

Although Crystal rocked it on Tuesday and quit frankly, outdid herself from what I hear - Lee must have stolen the hearts of many already, as he was crowned the new American Idol last night!

If anyone has a problem with this outcome, my first question to you is: Did you vote?! If not, sorry Charlie, don't want to hear any complaints. he he

Two of our American Idol Elimination Bracket Contestants chose correctly the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL (2010) - Allison (our bracket winner) and Mr. McGoo (sitting in 2nd place)! Congrats to you both!

Allison rocked the bracket competition without a doubt - scoring an impressive 139 points out of a possible 161 point perfect bracket. WHOA! Way to go Cuz! LOVE YOU! Please let me know which $10 Gift Card you would like for your award - Starbucks, Target, or Best Buy?!

Our final AI Elimination Bracket Competition Standings are as follows:

1st: Allison - 139 pts
2nd: Mr. McGoo - 124 pts
3rd: Mrs. McGoo - 122 pts
4th: Alan - 121 pts
5th: Josh - 117 pts
6th: UFrank - 114 pts
7th: Kelly - 111 pts
8th: Leon - 103 pts
9th: Cindy - 102 pts
10th:  Candace - 98 pts
11th: Riser - 95 pts
12th: James - 91 pts
13th: Julian - 87 pts

Highest possible points (perfect brackets) = 161 points

Thanks for playing folks! Hope you enjoyed the competition!


Mr. McGoo said...

Congrats to Allison for picking up the win. If someone was going to beat me, I'm glad it was something with similar taste.

What does second place get?

I could think of a few things...

Braggin' rights over the so-called Simon replacement. Guess he doesn't have quite the eye for talent that he says he does. Not to mention, he flip flopped winners.

Also I get a steak, courtesy of Mr. Riser...that's going to taste delish

I would brag about beating up on McNulty, but I've been doing that for years (Tecmo Bowl, Indy Car Racing, and Fantasy Football)

I do like beating down the music couple as well, since they're so musical and all. ;)

Here's to the real talent scouts...Allison and Mr. McGoo

Frank Bryant said...

At least a Bryant won. You never know. I might have thrown you that bone since your NCAA Bracket performance has been so weak the past couple years. I don't want you to become discouraged and just quit trying. I did it for you.

I consider Lee's win analogous to Obama's win. Style over substance, popularity over talent. The country will eventually know what a mistake it made. Crystal will become more commercially successful. There is already one Dave Matthews, we don't need another.

Mr. McGoo said...

As there has already been on Janis Joplin and she was enough...

And the Four Non-Blondes and Indigo Girls aren't really blowing it out of the water.

Lee will sell more than Crystal ever will

P.S. Just realized there are two McGoo's in front of you.

Candace said...

Well... James and I just watched the few clips that were available online (ran out of room on tivo) and can't believe Mr McGoo had it right all along. I would've been fine with either Lee or Crystal winning so I'm happy with the results. Lee should sell well and Crystal should a get fair shot at the market... the girl has so much raw talent and a blues heart after my own :)

No sore losers here... even from the "musical couple" :)

Have fun at your steak dinner McGoo and congrats Allison!