Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just because...

I love the smell of honeysuckle on a cool mid 70's evening in Memphis... driving with the windows down and the sweet wave drifting by me. Nice!

Lots going on right now with prep work for the Crawfish Boil for a Cause this weekend, and school starting this week (Tues & Thursday), plus missions training tonight and Bible Study too, and Bunko was Monday night, and we are prepping and planning another fundraiser for Team Ethiopia for May 16th... and did I mention Mother's Day this weekend.... and the week to come. So Yeah, I'll REALLY blog at a later date.

Oh and check out our buddy, James' business - EarSmack! This dude is wicked talented and can help you with any of your music needs. Cannot wait to see (aka HEAR) more of his stuff as his upcoming projects are completed. Good stuff, Mr. Joseph!

Wow, especially check out the trailer on this particular page of EarSmack Audio's website:

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