Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Idol Weekly Results: Top 5 to 4

Five becomes four contestants last night on American Idol. We said goodbye to young Aaron this week, as the TOP 4 continue on their way. Crystal, Lee, Michael, and Casey will battle it out to become THE NEXT American Idol.

I'll leave it short and sweet about Aaron's departure - it did not surprise anyone in our bracket competition... most folks had him gone a long time again. But Candace's quote sums it up best:
Idol Aaron (aka the Pelvis) finally goes home... We'll miss those hips little guy!

Here are your weekly AI Elimination Bracket Results:

1st: Allison - 108 pts - Lee is her AI pick - she picked this week's decision correctly
  • Josh - 107 pts - Crystal is his AI pick
  • Mrs. McGoo - 107 pts - had Siobhan as her AI. Uh oh!
  • Kelly - 106 pts - had Siobhan as her AI. Uh oh!
  • Alan - 106 pts - ***Alan has the Top 4 completely right! Michael is his AI pick
4th: Mr. McGoo - 103 pts - Lee is Mr. McGoo's AI pick
UFrank - 99 pts - Crystal is UFrank's AI pick
  • Candace - 98 pts - had Katie as her AI. uh oh!
  • Leon - 98 pts - had Siobhan as his AI. Uh oh!
7th: Cindy - 92 pts - Michael is her AI pick
Riser - 90 pts - Michael is his AI pick
James - 81 pts - had Katie as his AI. uh oh!
Julian - 77 pts - had Didi as his AI. Uh oh!

Highest possible points (perfect brackets) = 130 points

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Crystal is the most talented, Lee is the most radio-friendly, Casey is the cutest, and Mike is the most likable. At this point, I think Crystal SHOULD win, but Lee WILL win.

In case you care :)