Friday, May 14, 2010

Bookworm & Dorkiness

I'm fully aware that I'm a dork. I see it unfold in my life on a daily basis. (ask Mr. McGoo, he'd agree without a doubt) My most recent, "yup, I'm a dork" moment happened today as I read a blog post encouraging its readers to check out a book by David Platt, "Radical". I currently have a Barnes & Noble gift card will some funds on it, so I automatically went to their site, checked out the book and saw that my local store currently has it in stock. While I was on the site, I remember, ahhh, another friend had been telling me about a great book called "Same kind of different as me", and I'm definitely interested in that one.... so if I'm headed to B&N to get "Radical", why not see if they have "Same kind of different as me" also. Yup... in stock.

Now the dorky part comes here... I got so excited about the idea of me getting two more books today, or this weekend, whenever I stop by the store. And then I remember.... ahhhh, not only am I in school, taking classes two nights a week (3 hrs each) which requires much reading out of those textbooks... I also currently have a stack of books waiting to be completed - books I'm pumped about but haven't had time to STOP and digest them. Last night I completed the first book of the Mortal Instrument series - an enjoyable easy fiction. In line next is "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan (started it, but haven't dived in fully yet). Then the other Jen Hatmaker book I'm dying to get into, "Ms. Understood". Oh and the two other Mortal Instrument books.

So you see... I have a problem - I'm a dork. I love to read. I love to dive into books - nonfiction to fiction - but there are not enough hours in the day at present. Will this stop me from getting those two NEW books for my desired reading list? NOPE! Bring them on!

The hubby is away this weekend - having a guys weekend in Cincinnati to catch some baseball game - - - so when the husband is away, the wife will.... not play... she reads. Bring on the coffee and the text of the page. Can't wait (oh, and I have a few (read MANY!) to do's to put into the mix also, but reading it what I'm looking forward to).


asconway said...

I must be a dork too then and Same Kind of Different As Me is wonderful. You will LOVE it. Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you Sunday.

Mr. McGoo said...

I just want you to know that I love you no matter what. See, my 'dorkiness' comes out in the fall. There isn't enough time in the day for me either in the fall...