Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, my hubby and I had the pleasure of eating lunch with the entire Mrs. McGoo (aka Wilson) side of the family. All three sisters, Mr. McGoo, mom and dad enjoyed a good meal and good company. The middle sister's hubby was at his sister's graduation that weekend. We missed the BIL (brother in law) but accepted his excuse. ;) After lunch, the ladies partook of some good girl time at Paint a Piece.

It was Mom's idea, and we had a great time together. Paint a Piece is a pottery painting studio in town that allows amateurs like us come in, grab a blank piece of pottery (any size, shape, function you desire) and paint it with their special paints. Once you complete your task, the Paint a Piece crew fires the pottery in the kiln, and whaaa laaa, a few days later you have a completed piece of art. Well... that's how it's SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

So Mom, me, and the two sisters went to Paint a Piece. Mom had bid on, and won a 4 plate special at a silent auction event and chose to use the purchased item on a day with her girls. Mother's Day was the perfect day, as the middle sis was in town from Nashville to love on mom and attend the Crawfish Boil for a Cause. We ventured to Paint a Piece, clueless as to our future creations. We each had a plate, empty and ready for our own design. It took us awhile to get our gears moving, but Mom and Kels were the first to make their decisions. They chose to do a LETTER plate, using their initial (K for Kelsey, W for Mom) as the focal point and decorating the remainder of the plate around that focus.

Rob and I were less decisive... we pondered on what we'd want, what we'd actually keep and use, and what would be accomplish-able. After much debate, we decided on two very different designs. Rob chose to give a shout out to her church small group. The group has a trivia team that has affectionately been named SLOWATER after a teammate incorrectly wrote STILLWATER on the answer pad... history was made with that name and Team Slowater is now dominating the trivia world of Nashville. Rob designed her plate for serving snacks and cookies as their small group meetings, hoping to give a laugh and smile to the team/group. I chose to focus on our upcoming mission trip and give a shout out to my attention and heart for Africa, specifically Ethiopia at this time. I grabbed an image off of google images by way of my phone, and began to free hand the continent of Africa on this plate, with a heart around the location of Ethiopia. I then decorated the remainder of the plate with the colors of the Ethiopian flag, and wrote James 1:27 on the top.

After an hour or two of painting, we were all very excited about the look of our plates and expectant for their outcome the following Thursday. It was lots of fun, good girl time, and some creative time too.

The outcome however was no good... Mom & Kelsey received their completed plate, both very cute! However, Rob and I were told that our plates "peeled off" or did something funky in the kiln, therefore Paint a Piece has a new BLANK plate readily and available for us whenever we desire - - - Uh what?! Did they not realize how much time, attention, and LUCK it took for me to recreate the continent of Africa on that plate, and for it to actually look like I desired?! Uhhhh, no thanks. We'll take our loss for now and just reminisce about the pre-kiln awesomeness of the designs we made, right Rob?

Update: Apparently when my youngest sis, Kel went to go pick up the two plates that did make it out of the kiln successfully, the Slowater & Africa plate were THERE!!! Here are photos of the finished products HOWEVER, they would not let Kel take the plates due to some peeling/cracking on the outer rim of the plate - WHAT?! Thanks for taking a photo Kel, and putting up a "fight" to get out plates home - too bad they wouldn't let ya!


Anonymous said...

RIP plate Slowater and Africa. You will be sincerely missed. :(

Kelly said...

Fun! Sorry your plates didn't turn out. Our SS class went there once for fellowship w/o kids. It was fun. But our creations suck! Elian did a light switch cover for Lexi's room. And I did a tile with newborn Allie's footprints. She wasn't excited about having to participate :) And my painting around the footprints looked terrible. Oh well, it was fun!

Frank Bryant said...

You capture the classic Kel look in your first picture.

Brent Kee said...

can't believe that happened! such a bummer that y'all didn't get the finished product.

Robin Kee said...

i'm still totally bummed about my plate...i'm gonna have to remake it. thanks for the pictures, sis :)