Monday, June 22, 2009

Leave You Wanting More

I'm learning that the more vacation time I take, the more I itch to experience vacation. Why is that? Shouldn't it be that I itch for vacation time only when I've been without for awhile? Shouldn't it be that after a vacation I feel well rested, ready and willing to tackle the work load ahead of me?

Instead, I take three and a half days off earlier this month to travel to Florida, and the same week I come back I'm geared up and ready to be out again. Or like this past weekend, I take a Friday off to experience a fabulous three day weekended at the lake extravaganza, and all I want to do is go back. Something is not right about that. Sure it means I had a good time, and obviously want to experience more of that... but somewhere there has to be feeling of fulfillment after vacation when you're ready to get back into the real world. I'll have to work on that feeling.

Nevertheless, yes, we went to the lake this weekend and I took an extra day off to enjoy the fun, sun, and fellowship of good friends. We had the excuse that our weekend adventure was to celebrate Jeff and Erin Marie's birthdays. We made a cake and sang to them - see picture below.

In addition to the birthday celebrations, we grilled out hamburgers one night and had a shrimp boil the next... YUM! We hungout at the pool all day Friday, and adventured on the lake Saturday. Those that were left on Sunday got some addition pool action then too. Everyone left a little crispy from the sun (especially on our shoulders), but I can attest that everyone seemed to have a blast. Good times.

Oh, and after all the awesome book recommendations, I totally forgot to take a book with me on the three day adventure. So, I found myself reading a book found on the shelf at the cabin... I DID IT. Yup, that's the OJ Simpson book that the Goldman family released. The title is actually IF I DID IT, but the IF is typed so small within the I, you'd believe it was actually titled I DID IT. I got through 65 pages or so while we vacationed. Interested read, but I'd never buy it myself. I got through the section from the Goldman family explaining why they released the book, and the portion of the book by the actual author who wrote all the OJ told him. I then was able to get through two chapters of OJ's portion, and left it at that. Definitely not the type read I expected, but interesting enough.


Carol V said...

I'm the same, Heather! Once I travel, that's ALL I want to do. I figured out that I the place of work in my life is to afford me the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, travel, and eat well. Those are my priorities. I say don't feel bad about your need for adventure and exploration - go just with it!

Mrs. McGoo said...

I think that's a great thing, Carol... save up for one trip, go back to work and save up for the next! Have you been overseas before? If so, where? I've been to Japan (with Shoko, amazing!), the Bahamas, a south Caribbean cruise to Aruba, St. Martine, St. Thomas, etc, and the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Nothing after that, but the hubby and I plan to change that. :)

Erin Marie said...

Loved the lake trip! and I love they i made into 2 pictures :) :)