Saturday, June 13, 2009

Favorite Weekend Pics

Braving the storms in the area, and ultimately having one of the most intimate and beautiful wedding ceremonies I have ever seen, Thomas and Myia were married Friday night. Regardless of the power outage in the small chapel, Mr. & Mrs. Bennett pursued their union before family, friends, and most importantly God. The chapel was lit by candle light and because the electricity was out and the prepared music could not be played, Myia walked down the aisle to a gentleman singing Amazing Grace. Simply beautiful and a moment they will not be able to forget as they pledge their vows to another and God and committed their lives to each other. Congrats Myia and Thomas! We are so very excited for you.

Thankfully the reception at the Dixon had power and we were able to celebrate Thomas and Myia's marriage. Below are some of my favorite pictures of the night.

Above is one of the very creative sitting chart cards at the reception. Everyone was given a set seating arrangement. The guest names were listed with one of the selected words next to it, such as Indulgence, Cinema, etc. Each section of the tables held their respective card. Above is an example of the Indulgence section. Very cool. Major props, Myia!!!

Above, the beautiful bride and groom. Congrats!!!

In addition to the wedding on Friday night, we enjoyed a very low key, laid back Saturday. The hubby and I slept in - something that does not have happen often. Even though we're childless at present, our fur babies always wake us by seven or eight in the morning. This morning, however, I did not wake up from the dogs until almost 10:15am. It was fantastic. One up, we watched Elizabethtown on the couch, ate some grub with the family at On the Border, and caught random movies on the tv the rest of the evening until my hubby headed to hang with the boys. I stayed on the couch the rest of the night. Very nice!

Below are two of the multiple pics I took while at lunch Saturday. My hubby and I with our niece, Grace.

I'm looking forward to Sunday School and church in the morning. It's amazing how missing two weeks worth from being out of town can make you miss folks so quickly there. I'm ready to catch up with our SS class and experience the fellowship while getting a word from the Lord.


BMS said...

Absolutely beautiful wedding! When we got married, our pastor said.."there are no mistakes, only memories" and it sounds like hose inconveniences made for a very memorable ceremony!

Mrs. McGoo said...

I like that Britt... I'll have to pass that saying onto the bride