Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plans Change - What do ya do?

Yeppers. The vacation plans have tweaked, but that does not mean the fun has to end.

As we learned and decided this morning that Denver would not be part of the vacation adventure today, or maybe not even for the week, we got creative with our entertainment.

After a leisure morning, we headed out the door for lunch, a movie, and some shopping. Below is what our drive looked like on the way home - it was worse on the way. Thank goodness Kelly is capable of driving in snow, I was a nervous wreck. I can't imagine if we had attempted to drive 9 hours in this stuff, I would be a mess (even more than usual) by the time we arrived.

While at the huge shopping center, the hubby and I caught a flick, ate some grub, and window shopped. Below is a picture of the Christmas tree in the center of the shopping center. It's huge! I thought it was pretty and festive, so had to get a pic.

While the hubby and I went against the weather conditions for a bit of entertainment, one of the funny things that happened throughout the day involved a "Kelly-ism".

One of the restaurants in the large shopping center today was HOOTERS. As we attempted to choose a restaurant for lunch,

Kelly asked with a sly grin, "What about HOOTERS?"

I laughed and said, "I'd rather not. I don't want to look at girls butts and eat their hot wings today."

Kelly replied, "Well, they're probably cold in there. Better yet, I think when it's cold outside HOOTERS should not longer be called HOOTERS, it should be called NIPPLES!"

That's when I hit him on the arm and cracked up.

The news just reported that the total snow accumulated after the snow fall was 3.0 inches in the city and suburbs. More planned for Thursday. It sure looked like more snow than that arrived here in the Bonner Springs/Speedway area!

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