Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Traditions: The McGugan Mailer

One of the many cool things about getting married and creating your own family is the fact that you can make your own traditions. The hubby and I were looking forward to that process as our first Christmas as man & wife approached. This year, we have worked to continue those beginning traditions, and I can only imagine they will increase as we have children (besides our dogs).

One of those now set McGoo traditions is the writing and mailing of The McGugan Mailer. Each year (two in a row now... so not going on a record or anything yet), we have printed a Snapfish photo Christmas card and have created our McGugan Mailer. The Mailer is a newsletter that we've created - yes I'm a dork and like these kind of things, but most of you are well aware of that by now - to help keep our friends and family in touch with the happenings of the last year. It's complete with story telling, pictures, and a top ten list of things learned over the year.

I've learned that most of our recipients have received the card by now (maybe not the Canadian relatives and friends in Ireland and Japan, but most), so I am comfortable with posting about the Mailer. However, I'm almost positive whoever reads my blog is probably just a group of the same people - so hopefully I'm not spoiling anything for anyone.

Like my blog, I've so enjoyed the outlet of writing that The McGugan Mailer opens up for myself and the hubby. I think those that have a received it also get a good kick out of it, or at least roll their eyes and say, "only the McGoo's"... I'm proud of having either response.

Below is a sampling (well, more than that, a copy) of the 2008, Year 2 McGugan Mailer. My hope is that many more of these are created as Kelly and I grow old together.

McGugan Mailer - 2008

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