Monday, July 18, 2011

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I finally completed The Hole in Our Gospel, which I have been reading for a LONG time now. Seriously, it has taken me forever. It wasn't an easy read - in the sense that it definitely left you unsettled at times, being reminded and made aware of the gravity of those in need, but more so I have been amazed at how slowly I'm reading non school material now that I'm in nursing school. It's hard to find the time, or desire to read when there is time because you've had your nose stuck "in a book" for school.

In March I spoke at a women's ministry event for my church about some of the things the Lord has shown me through my travels to Ethiopia and interactions with The Forsaken Children. My main point throughout my short talk was based on what God showed me about Jesus feeding the multitude of people in Luke 9 with a little boy's fish and small loaves of bread. God revealed to me through my time in Ethiopia and working with The Forsaken Children that He is the one that multiplies. All He wants is for us to GIVE what we have and let Him create the miracle and blessing through that giving.

I had never read this story of Jesus from that light... the reminder and reality that Jesus was never asking me to give something I didn't have (like the disciple thought - a year's wages to pay for everyone's food), but wanted what I was able to give. He wanted my little, so He could multiply it. For so long I had bought into the enemy's lie that I had nothing to give because I didn't have much or couldn't possibly make a dent in the major problem, but it's just that - a lie.

It was cool to complete The Hole in Our Gospel and come to the final chapters of that book that shared the same story and challenge. As I read it, I was like, WHOA, that's totally what God showed me, prior to ever reading those pages.  It was neat.

In other reading news... in May my hubs purchased me this book, One Thousand Gifts, for me. Last night I had a quiet opportunity to begin reading it. Only 15 pages in, I'm aware of why so many of my girlfriends have spoken highly about it. Looking forward to continuing it and sharing more.

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Randall Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing this, Heather. It's another reminder to me that my small efforts to affect a small part of God's world can and will be multiplied by Him in ways I can't yet imagine.