Friday, July 22, 2011

Bend Low

Praying that you take the time to read this today. That you are taken a bit out of your comfort zone and yet encouraged that we have a Savior that calls us out to serve those around us and He gives you the power, ability, and strength to do it! How can you serve today? How can I?

From the blog of Katie Davis, a Nashville area young woman that lives in Uganda and is serving daily just where she is. We can too...

Around here, we live bent low.

Tuesday morning ladies from Masese stream through my front door. We have moved our weekly meeting from the slum of Masese to my living room because I have been up all night with new foster baby and can’t imagine getting all 14 of these little people out of the house. Excited about a change of pace and my sweet friends in my home, I enlist the help of darling Tamara and 13 eager little girls to give these ladies pedicures. We wash and we rub and we paint. I rub lotion into old scarred feet and think of the journeys they have traveled. I whisper thanks for the ways they have blessed me and the things they have taught me, and here in a puddle on the hard tile floor, Joy overflows.

It is on this same cold, smooth tile that I kneel hours later,
[. . .]


Rachael said...

beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. And if you haven't already gotten to it, One Thousand Gifts speaks straight to this...I think there is a whole chapter on it.

Sum said...

Thanks for sharing this.