Wednesday, May 11, 2011

one thousand gifts - my husband

My hubby outdid himself today. I guess he's seen the "overwhelmed" feeling that has been coming over me this week (I've tried to hide it), or the emotional exhaustion from lack of sleep (I've tried to drink my coffee or tea and keep truckin), or the Mrs. McGoo can be crazy at times (ugh, it happens)... but whatever he saw - Mr. McGoo went out of his way today to surprise me with love, affirmation, and encouragement.

In addition to the beautiful flowers he surprised me with at work (apparently he ordered purple tulips, but they came to me orangey and red - beautiful nonetheless), he met me for lunch with my youngest sis (surprise) AND had a happy waiting for me once I got off work (see below).

Yeah, this guy is a keeper. He knew exactly what I needed to hear today and went beyond to share those words, encouragement, and love with me in some not so regular, everyday ways! I'm so thankful for him and glad to be on his team!

I've been talking about this book for awhile. Lots of my blogger friends and friends in general have recently purchased this book or read it themselves. It has been on my "to get" list, and now I get to put it on my "to read now that I own" list. I'm looking forward to diving into the pages (at some point).

But for now, I'm heading to bed early to get some of that much needed sleep. goodnight


Kelly Ussery said...

sweet hubby!!

Rachael said...

thoughtful encouragement from the hubs is a precious gift! can't wait for you to read the book!!