Thursday, July 14, 2011

1/3rd of the Way

We're one full week into the three weeks that Mr. McGoo and I will be apart during his study abroad. One third of the way down. Although at times it feels like it has gone fast, I think about the next two weeks and really feel like the time has been going slowly. I miss my man.

I've been humbled by the reality of me missing my hubs and the fact that it's ONLY three weeks. I've been humbled to think of the many men and women serving our country abroad, leaving family behind. I've been humbled thinking especially about the mothers home alone with children while their husband and children's father works to protect this nation. And often they are apart for months, a year, or more. I cannot fathom this and am humbled, amazed, and so thankful for the strength and sacrifice of these men, women, and children. I've thought about my friend, Sarah and her gorgeous family of girls and the multiple times her hubby has been away serving his country.

So while I'm missing Mr. McGoo and cannot wait for him to get home and be able to spend time with him, I'm thankful for the perspective this time is giving me. I'm thankful that it has given the Lord an opportunity to remind me of how He has blessed me. Remind me of the men, women, and families that sacrifice for and serve this country. Remind me to keep these families in my prayers more regularly as they too ache to see their loved ones, to hold them near, to hear them laugh, and see them smile.

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