Friday, May 20, 2011

To Be Used by God

Although they have not yet become intimate friends, I imagine that it will happen as we continue to pray for them regularly and advocate for the ministry God is using them to accomplish in Uruguay. It seems to happen that way - when you partner with someone you cannot help but begin to learn more about them and the way God uses them and respect, honor, and love them through that process!

Our friends, Matt and Toni Daniels (and their children) are living in Uruguay as full time missionaries. They have been there a long time and the Lord is blessing their ministry but also growing their faith about His provision and His timing.

Today Matt posted a BEAUTIFUL blog post about that topic and I wanted to share it with you. Please take a moment to read it. If you've ever had a moment when you had to choose between faith that God is going to come through and provide for you or be consumed by fear and bout, you will be spoken to through this post...

The rain is already there…
by Matt on May 20, 2011

I am not prone to wild charismatic experiences, but this one blows my mind, and I think it will put a smile on your face.

I went out to the San Geronimo house last week to pay the last of my operating fund to a local guy that helps out with the property.  A pang went through my heart when I signed the paystub and said, “I’ll call you when there is more funding.”

I loaded up the broken lawn tractor in the back of my station wagon (picture half a lawn tractor hanging out the back, going down the highway), and wept my fear and trepidation all the way to the next town where the shop was.  I dropped off the tractor for repairs, and wept and cried out my fear and trepidation all the way home, variously yelling and whispering, “Help, Papa.  Help, Papa.”

I am open to be used by God to see miracles happen, but this earthsuit I walk around in has a hard time living in the gap between “no you don’t see Him” and “now you do.”  I’m like a 12 month old.  If God walks out of my sight for just a second, part of me fails to believe He exists.

I get home with tear tracks still on my face, [. . .]

Click on the title or the [. . .] link to finish the post - it's definitely WORTH IT!

Mr. McGoo and I joined the Daniels in their ministry this week by signing up to be a part of their "100 Holding and Helping". I wasn't aware of the need or the idea until I came upon their website by direction of our church's Facebook page and Twitter account. Matt had written an incredible blog post about how God is using their ministry (you can find that post here). After reading the post and being encouraged by their ministry and what God is doing through them, I was led me to their "100 Holding and Helping" campaign as I continued to look around their website.

I'm inviting you to do the same - to join the team of 100 folks that God is going to use to encourage, equip, and love the Daniels and their ministry! 

Here's the deal, but you can find more on their website - they are looking for 100 people that will commit to giving $10 a month to them for 2 years. Seriously $10 - a MONTH - piece of cake... but 100 people joining together can begin to make a significant difference.

Will YOU be one of those 100?

Check out their website here: and find out how to join the team today.

Not all of us are called to serve in another country. Not everyone is spurred by God to travel to Uruguay, Ethiopia, or even the next state to spread the Gospel... but EVERYONE is called to serve and advance the Kingdom of God where they are. Even from home, wherever that may be, we have opportunities daily to be used by God. He's another invitation to do just that!

More info about one of their specific projects - the vision, the goal, the need:
Reach. Innovate. Multiply.  Geronimo! from Matthew Daniels on Vimeo.


Mr. McGoo said...

$10 is like a skipping out on a starbucks visit once

Sum said...

I love how you champion God's heart in so many people/places.