Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pizza Making & Family Visits

I'm beginning to believe I will never catch up on posting and I just need to deal with it and get to the posts that I'm capable of when I find the time or even stop to do so. Trying to remind myself that it doesn't mean I cannot give a quick tidbit about life with the McGoos.

Mr. McGoo's mom and step dad came in town from Arizona this weekend. We've been blessed enough to have them staying with us Saturday evening until tomorrow morning! To surprise them, and our niece, we invited Grace over to spend the night Saturday and go with us to church Sunday morning.

Boy was she excited to see Nana and Grandpa Al walk into the door later that evening!

Before they arrived, however, we had some fun of our own. First Grace helped her uncle, Mr. McGoo bathe the furbabies outside, and then came inside, cleaned up, and went to homemade pizza making!

Meet Chef Pizza Maker Grace:

I'm pretty sure I had as much fun as she did watching her and instructing her how to make the pizza. She's such a ham, I love it. After we put the pizza in the oven (she's just posing there with the pizza, I actually put it into the oven to keep her from getting burned), we jumped on the couch, each with a book and read "together" until the pizza was ready for consumption.

A good evening indeed.


Frank Bryant said...

Grace looks like a lot of fun. Something like another blond kid in my life.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Yup, UFrank - she's a firecracker just like that blonde kid you know!