Monday, May 16, 2011

God's Beauty - Be Still

Doesn't the beauty God gives us on a daily basis, 
all around, just make you go "WOW"?

Things have been crazy busy with the start of a new school trimester and everything else going on these days. A new class means a new schedule, a new routine, new coursework, and with this being my first true nursing class this is a new ball game all together. A lot is happening these days and whenever I get a moment of time for myself or time to just be, I'm having difficulty desiring to write or be on the computer all, even though there is much to tell about!

I was driving to class after a full day at work on Thursday, a long day at that, and began to feel the pressure of my schedule start to weigh me down... it was getting heavy and I began to feel overwhelmed until something (the Holy Spirit) sparked me to look up past the path I was driving... telling me to look further than the long road ahead of me and the cars in my way (not too far so I would hit them, but you know what I mean), and when I looked up THIS is what I saw. Wow.

At that moment it all came back into perspective. He is on the throne! He is in control. One day a time and He'll pull me through! Focus on what matters and BE STILL & KNOW (Ps. 46:10) HE IS GOD!

I'm so thankful for little reminders like that.

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Lloyd said...

A lovely and uplifting thought !