Friday, September 24, 2010

Words that spoke to my soul today from a blog I follow...

To say the last year has been life changing, a vapor, and completely more than I ever thought God would have for us is an understatement .... ARE YOU READY FOR GOD ???  I think I have to ask myself this question daily ... Are you ready for Him to provide, Are you ready for Him to make your sick child well,  Are you ready for your well child to become sick, Are you ready for Him to say GO,  Are you ready for Him to say SEE,  Are you ready to be Peter and step out of the boat or Nehemiah and rebuild the wall,  ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES TO WHATEVER HE HAS even though it isn't your plan ???

These are words that truly resonate with me today! I am so thankful for God's activity within my life and the life of Mr. McGoo and I together. I hope and pray that you can see Him moving in your own... He is, and He so desires you to allow Him to do more! Will you let Him?

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