Friday, September 10, 2010

Alumni Weekend

The weekend before last, I helped put on, plan, organize, and run the 2010 Lady Tigers Soccer Alumni Weekend. Overall, I think it was a huge success! We had a fabulous group turn out, and a great response from those that couldn't attend, hoping to join us next year.

The weekend consisted of dinner and watching the U of Memphis Men's Team play on Friday, followed by an Alumni Cookout with family on Saturday evening, while we rooted on the current Lady Tigers to victory over LSU, and finally we concluded the weekend with a little kick around on Sunday morning.

I'm just now stopping to publish photos from the event onto Facebook, so I figured I'd share a shot or two here. Below is the alumni photo from Saturday evening. We're missing a few ladies in this picture that were there and participating in the activities, but for the majority this was the group of the weekend. We were thankful for their attendance!

Here is a shot of the Alumni Guru, Mary on the right. She is totally responsible for most of the entire weekend. I am simply this girls right hand "man"... and together, I think we did alright. Sandwiched in the middle of the two of us, is our dear friend, Robyn. She has been a roomate of past for both of us, a past teammate too, and still a good friend!

And last but not least are the rock star bags each alumni attending received... a bag of goodies, complete with an Alumni Tshirt, and a "program" giving all the who, what, and advise for the current Lady Tiger team from the alumni attending. Good stuff!

Go Tigers!

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