Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cardboard Testimony

A few weeks ago, our church participated in something called CARDBOARD TESTIMONIES. As presented by another church in 2008, our church home thought it would be a great starting point for our new series on "Contagious Christianity". The point of the cardboard testimony is to show who you WERE on the first side of the cardboard, and after a few second, turn the cardboard sign over to present who you ARE BECAUSE OF CHRIST JESUS! It's powerful stuff!

Mr. McGoo and I are so thankful for our church and often talk about how authenticity is preached from the pulpit. The goal is not to pretend like all is well, rather the goal is to serve the Lord even in light of our own inadequacies. None of us are worthy or able on our own... it's only by the power of the cross!

Below you can check out one of our services and the cardboard testimonies that were presented there. May God be given the glory!

Central Church Cardboard Testimonies 9:25 Service 9-12-10 from Central Church on Vimeo.

Here is Mr. McGoo's cardboard testimony...


Sum said...

Hey HEW,
one of our wonderful friends emailed me the link to this (the church's Vimeo site) last night. I've just watched both services and sat here crying and thankful that God is at work in all of our lives constantly. I logged into my blog cuz I wanted to see if you had poasted about it, and to tell you I'm so thankful for you and that Husband of yours. I'm excited how you guys have been walking in faith because you've been ruined for the ordinary. Thanks for letting us (your readers) hear your stories of a life being Ruined.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Thanks Rach!!!

Steve Riser said...

Good stuff I've seen this done before here in town at Faith Baptist....Although I was thinking maybe Kelly would have written BEFORE FANTASY FOOTBALL CHUMP....and AFTER FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMP!!! But then again the one you posted on your blog is more accurate :)