Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paint Party for Ethiopia

At the beginning of the month, past members of Central Church's Team Ethiopia short term mission trip (this includes me) hosted a PAINT PARTY fundraiser at the church to help begin raising funds for the 2013 summer team. Although it is unknown who Team Ethiopia 2013 will be, the fall fundraiser provided a great turn out and will hopefully help to reduce some of the stress that comes with a team fundraiser near the departure date of the trip.

The event was definitely a team effort and was super successful! The Lord was very generous to us!

I caught a few pictures of the event to share. . .

Team Ethiopia Members: Candice (2012), Liz (2010,2011,2012), and Mr. McGoo (2010, Team Leader 2011, 2012)
The fabulous artist/instructor and Team Ethiopia member (2012), Jane
Goober me and the photographer (& Jane's hubby), Chris

Mr. McGoo & I were also able to use the event as a birthday present for our (now) 11 year old niece, Grace. For her December birthday we got her two tickets to the event and she was able to make it a mother-daughter activity night. They did great!

What night would be complete without a Uncle/Niece goofy pic?!

Our niece and sister in law were not the only family in attendance. These four goobers had a date night at the event - talk about a win/win, supporting a good cause and spending quality time with the one you love! I was super impressed by their finished products!

Dad, Mom, Uncle Brad, and Aunt Glenda
works in progress
This one REALLY makes me smile!

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