Thursday, December 1, 2011


I fell off the wagon with my "thankful for" posts... school and work and preparations for Thanksgiving travels became too much and something had to give... I chose the blog. It probably will continue to be that way for the most part until I get past my final check-off for school (2 final exams to go & one MAJOR skills check-off)... end date is Tuesday, December 13th. I'll be "free" for a couple weeks starting Wednesday, December 14th morning! Whoo hoo!

Thanksgiving was fabulous due to the fact that I completely unplugged for 4 days and had some quality time with Mr. McGoo. No internet connection and minimal technology. The days were composed of travel, family, food, fellowship, rest, fun, and reading.

I took the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off from work to use the time to clean house - something that had been neglected recently - and prepare for our travels to Lexington, KY. We left Memphis about 315pm with our buddy Steve and niece, Grace. Our time in KY was good and a needed break from the typical pace of Mr. McGoo and my life lately.

We really enjoyed visiting with family and having extra time with our niece. The highlight of the trip was taking Grace to tour part of Claiborne Farms. It was a really cool experience.

Some photos of our Thanksgiving adventures:


Mr. McGoo said...

This blog is under protest for comments deemed negative toward Mr. McGoo for saying the house has been neglected.

I think you better check yourself. Before you wreck yourself

Mrs. McGoo said...

ha ha ha. Mr. McGoo are you feeling guilty about something? I was referring to the fact that Mrs. McGoo had been neglecting the house recently. A fact indeed. And if I remember correctly, there was a WHOLE LOT for Mrs. McGoo and her niece to do throughout the day leading to our departure.

Mr. McGoo said...

erroneous on all counts