Monday, December 19, 2011

Stomach Bug

Last weekend, Mr. McGoo and I experienced the worst stomach bug ever. One that I've learned has wrecked havoc on multiple families within our network. It's the nasty coming out of both ends kind of bug and it was horrible! I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Mr. McGoo came down with it Saturday night and fought it through Monday. I felt 'under the weather" Monday and attempted to get well as soon as possible with much rest and Niquil. It seemed to work because by Monday evening I felt good to go.... unfortunately 430am Tuesday became a new story - the bug hit me in full force. Yuck!

So the McGoo household waned sickness from Saturday night through Wednesday/Thursday! No fun. Actually it was quite miserable to say the least.

But before the sickness unfolded, we spent Friday night at my company's awesome Christmas party - always a fun and festive occasion. I thought I'd share a few shots from that evening. Enjoy.

Before party pic at the casa
Boot wearing ladies of the party
The Dawsons - a few of our favs

Mr. McGoo was picked to be a "dancing" elf in a game we played!
Mr. McGoo learns the elf "will dance"
My fabulous friend - Shan

And to give you a better glimpse of the reality of my life... here is a typical progression in McGoo photos. My attempt was to get a photo together and it took this long to get a "good" result. He's a mess. See for yourself:


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