Friday, December 9, 2011

Date Night

Last Friday (Dec 2nd), Mr. McGoo invited me on a date. He planned it all and invited me to join him, at our home! I couldn't have been more thrilled to spend some quality time with my handsome man - all the while being home together, which is a rare event lately.

The Date Night included Mr. McGoo's homemade sweet and delicious chili, a fire, Christmas music, and holiday treats. It was perfect.

We enjoyed good conversation and quality time while cracking and opening pecans. We made chocolate covered pecans, sugar cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Temptations, and heavenly hash. We made and put up a simple Advent calendar on our refrigerator. Good stuff!

The most interesting part of the evening was the moment Mr. McGoo presented me with ROASTED CHESTNUTS. My response, I believe after I asked "what are those", was "those are actually real?" I never thought much more about them beyond singing the line in the Christmas song. They are real, however, and Mr. McGoo made some for me to try. I am thankful that I can say, I've had roasted chestnuts, but that's as far as I'm taking it. I'm not a fan of their taste.

Then I forced Mr. McGoo to pose by the fire with them - it seemed only fitting! :)

Roasted Chestnuts by the Open Fire - seriously!
A poor attempt to catch us and the tree
Dexter and me hanging out while talking to Mr. McGoo
Advent Calendar created for the frig

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