Thursday, December 22, 2011


Three and a half years ago, my hubby and I made a dramatic change. We left the DINK* world and became a SINK* family. Instead, Mr. McGoo began to pursue his college degree and work for the Univeristy of Memphis as the manager for the men's soccer team, which provided the funds for his schooling.

I am amazed that we are now standing on the other side of that journey, 3.5 years later! Mr. McGoo graduated cum laude from The University of Memphis last Saturday, December 17th. To say I am a proud wife is an absolute understatement!!!

As I waited with our family for the graduation ceremony to begin, I began to think over the past 3.5 years and all that God has done in and through this dramatic change in our life.

For example:
  • He provided a way financially for Mr. McGoo to go through his position with U of M soccer.
  • During the summer Mr. McGoo had time and availability to go to Ethiopia with our church (twice & on winter break) - an event God used to change my husband spiritually forever as well as benefit our marriage relationship.
  • I came home every night to a man with renewed passions, interests, and desires - saying goodbye to the less than excited man that rested at home after a long, boring day at the office.
  • We were never without while living (and continuing to live) as a SINK family.

There is much more I can testify to, but the underlying theme for all is GOD IS GOOD, HE IS IN CONTROL, and HE IS FAITHFUL! Thinking through it all brought me to tears - in awe of God's faithfulness for Mr. McGoo and me.

Here are some shots from the big day!

Granddaddy, Mr. McGoo, Grams
Mr. & Mrs. McGoo
Grams and niece, Grace
Grace pointing out Mr. McGoo's name in the program
Mr. McGoo and nephew, Tristan

*DINK = Double Income No Kids
*SINK = Single Income No Kids


Frank Bryant said...

It was quite an accomplishment, and something you should both be proud. Seriously, no wisecracks or anything.

Rachael said...

Love this post! Congrats again!

Mrs. McGoo said...