Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Mr. McGoo and I had an eventful and wonderful weekend. Two nights in a row we were up past 130am, which is completely out of the norm for this old lady at heart, but I enjoyed every minute of it! It definitely helped and allowed me to function this week that I was able to complete the weekend with a long nap after church with my man on Sunday!

So what did we do to keep us up so late...

Friday - Date Night
Mr. McGoo surprised me on Valentine's Day with tickets to the Racket Club's Regions Morgan Keegan Championships, a 500 level ATP men's professional tennis tournament. I really enjoy watching professional tennis on TV, a US Open on TV could entertain me for hours if I had the time, but I have never seen a pro match played out live, especially not in my own city, even though it happens every year. It was great!

Mr. McGoo had worked his magic to get the tickets for free, which totally spoke to my frugal/don't spend money we don't have to mindset these days, and therefore it allowed me to FULLY enjoy the event without subconscious stress or guilt of money spent. We had a blast. The first match was Andy Roddick and an Australian Lleyton Hewitt. The entire place was cheering f or the TX native, Roddick, but I cheered for Hewitt. Besides being the "underdog" as far as the cheers were concerned, Hewitt also wore his had backwards, something he does for every match, and that in itself reminded me of my hubby... no worries for what is "supposed to be", just walking to his own comfortable beat. Did I mention he had nice calves too? Anyway... the men put on a great show, with Roddick barely screeching out in the 3rd set to win. After that match concluded we stayed for one set of the second match between American, Michael Russell and a South American guy who was like 6 feet 7 or something crazy . Russell is a little guy, but strong and feisty on the court. I loved watching his personally shine throughout the first set. Mr. McGoo made a good point about him, seems like he hasn't forgotten where he came from. Unfortunately, we later found out that Russell fell to the South American.

After our tennis adventures, we headed to Swanky's Taco Shop to hear a good friend of ours perform in a makeshift (really talented) band that was playing the Weezer blue album from cover to cover at the taco shop. We arrived a bit before 11pm and stayed through the end, a little past midnight. It was some rocking music and nice to visit with friends for a quick bit.

Saturday - Eventful
Saturday morning I had planned on working out before meeting a girlfriend for coffee at 915am... unfortunately this lady cannot handle a 130am bedtime and still get up the next morning in time to workout before the day begins. I guess I could have, but I would not have been pleasant to be around the rest of the day.

So the day began with breakfast and coffee at Panera Bread with a girlfriend. I then came back to do some chores around the house. Around lunch time, I went to a subcommittee meeting for The Forsaken Children and then grocery shopping there after. After visiting my not so favorite place, the grocery store, I came home to continue house chores with the hubby. We prepared dinner too and were able to relax a bit before welcoming our guests around 630pm. From then until 1130pm we enjoyed wonderful company and great conversation. It was great getting to know this couple better and I'm pretty sure we could have talked into all hours of the night had we not realized the time.

After saying goodnight to our guests and cleaning up the dishes, Mr. McGoo and I went over our Sunday School study that Mr. McGoo would be leading the next morning. He had prepped throughout the week, but wanted to run the lesson by me to get my input along the way. Finally once the morning hours had arrived, almost 130am again, we found our bed and let our heads hit the pillows for slumber.

Sunday - Rest
I love Sundays. Forget that it's the day before Monday and I think Sundays might be one of my favorite days. I know it definitely has something to do with the fact that I love my church and I love the community I have at church, specifically our Connecting Point class (Sunday School). We are blessed to be part of a special group, and Sunday mornings I look forward to being at church. This Sunday was no different, we began by heading to our Connecting Point class (called Firm Foundations), which Mr. McGoo led this week. After class we headed to what we call "big church".

Although we had great intentions of going on a walk with our furbabies and enjoying the beautiful weather, upon arriving home after church and after eating lunch, the impact of our late nights began to set in... we were exhausted. So with the help of NASCAR's Daytona 500, Mr. McGoo and I enjoyed a long nap Sunday afternoon that prepared us for the week ahead.

It was a good and adventurous weekend indeed!


Frank Bryant said...

It doesn't seem that long ago that I had you and Lyndy in Little Church.

Mrs. McGoo said...

Tell me about it! I can remember those days like it was yesterday! Can still picture the rooms for Sunday School and all.

Kelsey said...

Aww, this is great! Makes me miss coming over for dinner at y'alls place.

AND your big bed whenever I puppysit. ;)

Love you!