Monday, February 28, 2011

Go Girl

Let me just start by saying you're not going to believe what I'm telling you here... so you'll want to go check it out for yourself. Sorry guys, you'll either find this hilarious or disturbing!

This weekend I was introduced (and actually given) a product that I would have never dreamed into existence or thought would exist in general. Dinner conversation Saturday evening somehow find its way to this...

I think their name and tag-line will put it simply for you...

Go-Girl: Women can pee standing up with Go Girl

Uhh... yeah you read that correctly... it's a contraption to allow a women to pee when standing, or as they like to say "the feminine urination device that lets you go anywhere"!

The most hysterical part of it all is the examples the product gives for typical using needs (as labeled on the product): camping, travel, boating, concerts, and sports!

It's reusable, lovely, and is available in a beautiful shade of pink or camo.

Wow! Watch out ladies, because this revolutionary product might change your life or be a white elephant gift heading your way in the near future!!! ha ha.  GO GIRL!


asconway said...

Officially grossed out. Eww.

Frank Bryant said...

Well ain't that special.

Kelly Ussery said...

my fave part...?? it is reusable!!

Don, Jana, Natalie and Rachel said...

You're welcome. :)