Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Memphis SNOW

SNOW. We've had it more frequently than I've ever seen in Memphis, usually not much, but it has fallen more often this year than ever before. Today I actually took the time to take some photos and video of the snow and activities. The thought and especially the sight of snow sends Memphis, TN into a frenzy.

My drive to and from work usually takes about 30 minutes.... today however, it took 1 hour, 45 minutes to make my way home and once I arrived, I was unable to pull into the driveway to the combination of the slope of the drive and the multiple inches of snow accumulated... I slid down every time I tried, so the hubby did it for me... he drove up the neighbors driveway to get up and went through the "grass" between our driveway and theirs to park in the appropriate spot. Took some photos with my phone on my way home of the view (below). Saw lots of folks slip, slide, and bump into one another on my way, but thankfully I made it safe and sound... slow and steady won the race!

2:05 pm - Collierville Town Square Area
3:35pm - Estate and Park Ave - Car on ride slid into the curb

Mr. McGoo likes the snow, I on the other hand like how it looks, but rather not have anything to do with it... I told Mr. McGoo today that when we have kiddos he'll have to be the one out playing (shouldn't be a hard stretch for him) and I'll just take some photos and make my way back into the warm house to prepare hot chocolate for their arrival back indoors. Good plan, huh?

Shot from Mr. McGoo with his clever quote from Dex: "And to think I could have been pulling a sled in this..."
5:20 pm - McGoo house snow measurement.... 3.75 inches
The furbabies enjoyed some time in the snow. Dexter loves eating it and running in it. I guess Kodi could take it or leave it. We took some videos of the boys once I got home... most will not care for these videos, mostly because I'm horrible at videography it seems and also because all of them are of our dogs enjoying the snow but I couldn't help myself since they're MY babies... enjoy if you dare.


Now that I've completed some necessary homework, I'm enjoying the rest of the evening with my boys... McGoo style chili is on the stove thanks to Mr. McGoo, Mmmm, Mmmm (he made dinner last night too...yeah, he's a keeper). Hope this posts finds you warm and toasty tonight.

Yummy McGoo Homemade Hot Chocolate courtesy of my hubby!
On a totally unrelated note (because I'm waiting for these videos to load onto blogger)... The game show "A Minute To Win It" is on the tube... that show, although I'm entertained by it, totally stresses me out. What about you? ha!


Randall Johnson said...

Heather, just so you know, I have been reading your blog and really like it. I'll confess, I didn't view your videos today, but you gave me permission not to, right? :-)

Thanks for blogging. You have quite a knack for it. By the way, I posted your TFC article to the Central Church Facebook page. Thanks.

Mr. McGoo said...

My favorite is the second to last video. It pretty much sums up your video skills

Rachael said...

is there a "like" button?

larry mcgugan said...

at least the boys enjoyed the snow, especially Dexter. Ya'll had quite a bit on the ground.