Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in Review

I know I'm not the only one that is thinking, wow, how did we get to another year already? It really has gone by so fast. To begin my own thought process of  2010 and to also help me better prepare for the goals of 2011, here is my 2010 in review....



  • We painted and redecorated the guest room
  • Mr. McGoo and I commit to go to Ethopia with our Church for a mission trip working with TFC
  • 3 year wedding anniversary
  • God provides amazing clarification that YES we're supposed to go to Ethiopia: here, here, and here.

  • Traveled to KY to visit with family - saw Keenland for the first time
  • Traveled to Nashville twice for two weddings and family time



  • Family trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, GA
  • Won the kickball tourney with our team again
  • Tried to wrap our minds around what God wanted to show us, teach us, and lead us after Ethiopia

  • Helped plan and put together the U of Memphis Lady Tigers Soccer Alumni Weekend
  • Read (for the 2nd time and still reading with my group) Larry Crabb's book -  The Marriage Builder
  • Read Cassandra Clare's series - The Mortal Instruments... 3 books worth
  • Announced and began planning our 2nd journey to Ethiopia scheduled for December
  • Joined The Forsaken Children as a Board Member

  • Pulled off the U of Memphis Lady Tigers Soccer Alumni Weekend
  • Traveled to Kentucky for Mr. McGoo's sister's wedding
  • Traveled to Kansas City, KS to surprise my cuz for her 30th birthday
  • Read Jen Hatmaker's book - Ms. Understood

  • Our December trip to Ethiopia becomes fully funded!
  • Traveled to San Diego for work
  • In a wedding
  • 28th birthday
  • Decorated a table for Ethiopia at our church's mission fair day

  • Put together a board to inform folks about Somalia on the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church
  • Read Ron Hill and Denver Moore's book - Same Kind of Different As Me
  • Traveled to KY for Thanksgiving
  • Participated in Carpe Deal'em 2010
  • Updated our bathroom (necessary due to broken old vanity) with touch up paint and new vanity and faucet

  • Completed school for 2010
  • Traveled to Ethiopia for 16 days, Mr. McGoo for 26 days
  • Began reading Richard Stearn's book - The Hole In Our Gospel

Ha. I'm laughing to myself as I compile this list because the books stick out to me... I was contemplating making a goal for 2011 to be something about reading a book a month, but without trying it seems I tend to have that average along the way! And that's with school in the way, cannot imagine how many I'd eat up if I didn't have school work involved, right? 

I might be leaving a few books I do not remember out and/or events that occurred throughout each month, but I think that about covers the major stuff of 2010.  It was a whirlwind of to do's with work and school happening in the midst of it all. But definitely an awesome ride!

God has captured my heart over 2010 for the "least of these" and the people around us, stirring me to encourage others to DO SOMETHING, every little bit accumulates to more when God has control of it! The enemy's greatest trick for American Christians is the lie he sells us that we cannot do anything, and just going to church is enough, leaving us comfortable, fearful and like statues, not living for the kingdom of God and pursuing the miraculous works He is capable of doing through us if we let Him!

The Lord also began doing a tremendous work in Mr. McGoo in June that is bringing beautiful fruit! Whatever we decide to put as our goals for 2011, I pray the underlying theme is "all the glory to You, not me"! We want to be used by God for His kingdom, where to and what next, Lord?!

Hope to do a 2010 in Review via Photos next... stay tuned.


Frank Bryant said...

Wow! You are just too busy. You did not even mention the care and feeding of an older child.

Someday, you will need to slow down and have a few crumb-crunching rug rats of your own.

Rachael said...

What a year for you guys! It has been awesome to see God working in your lives. And I love your realization that you don't even need to make a New Year's Resolution to be a bookworm :)